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    BrandInsight Engage - discover where your brands are on the site

    Introducing Engage

    Engage allows you to discover where your brands are on the search results pages.  

    What the product does

    We scan all publishers websites and check every page for brand mentions.  We then help merchants check that their brands are on ranking pages. 

    Engage allows you to search for your key search phrases and see 

    • Whether your brand is on the page that is served for a search term.

    • Whether your brand is on a site that ranks for a search term 

    • Which other sites are owned by the same publishers that rank for the search term.

    Why you should use Engage

    • See opportunities quickly
      Rather than going to each site to see whether your brand is on the page you want to rank for, or on the site that ranks, we show you the opportunities immediately at scale. Engage replaces the need for an affiliate executive to do manual searches.

    • Efficiency
      We constantly monitor search results and tell you when a new site has entered rankings that you should be talking to.  We let you know fast so you can be super responsive to changes in the search results page.  

    • Relative Visibility
      Engage users get immediate insight into how their brands are performing relative to peers.  You can immediately see how you compare to your competitors for the terms you care about.

    Keyword Applications

    • Transactional terms
      Run persistent searches on terms that you know lead to the most valuable conversions and 

    • Brand protected terms
      Run searches for terms that are important to your brand's reputation

    • Event specific terms
      Run focussed marketing campaigns on specific events that you want to rank for to ensure that you are working with the right publisher partners.


    Please email [email protected] and we'll get you set up.