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iPhone 11 Deals

The iPhone 11 is one of the newest Apple handsets on the market. It sits at the lower end of the price bracket which means it is much more accessible to more people. Apple makes some of the best phones on the market and this is no exception. Whilst it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its big brothers, it is still a really great handset. It features the latest in Apple’s style and design which means that it looks stylish and designer as are many of their products.

The phone has an impressive 6.1-inch Liquid Retina IPS touchscreen which shows off content in a crystal clear and dynamic way. This means that the phone looks really impressive when you use it. This is a great phone to get you into the latest in Apple products without having to go to the top of the range. We have looked across all the different networks to bring you some of the best reviews and best deals on the iPhone 11 that are around. 

iPhone 11 Contract Offers

One of the most popular ways to get yourself a handset is by signing up for a monthly contract. These deals give you a handset and a network package at a fixed monthly price. This makes it easier for you to plan your budget as opposed to a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. When looking at a monthly contract you need to decide how many minutes, texts and how much data you want to be included in your monthly bill. Most of the handsets you will come across these days include unlimited texts and a lot of them also have unlimited minutes included in the deal.

It is normally the amount of data that you have included that determines the price you pay. When you are looking at your unlimited minutes then you need to be aware that not every single call will be included. Calls such as those to premium-rate numbers, and/or text to premium services will still cost you money. So you should always check the number you are calling or texting before you make your connection to ensure that you don’t get a nasty shock when the bill comes. To make it easier for you most network providers will give you an itemized bill each month that details the cost of each call this makes it easier to plan. 

iPhone 11 Big Data Deals

The biggest factor when it comes to the size of your monthly deal is your data allowance. Your data allowance is an amount of monthly data that is included in your bill each month. Mobile data is used by your phone whenever you don’t have a connection to a Wi-Fi network. So if you use your phone mostly at home with your home Wi-Fi or in a place that has free Wi-Fi then you might not need much of a data allowance.

If you use your phone out and about a lot then you might want more data. If you use up all of your data allowance then your phone will not stop working, but you might be charged extra for the data that you use. The more apps your phone has then the more data that your phone will use. Some apps even use data in the background, this is to keep you up to date with notifications etc. Though the amount of data used here is very small. If you use your phone for a lot of video streaming, video calling or downloading games, then you will find that you use your mobile data allowance really quickly. Therefore it is always best to make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection before doing any of these things. 

iPhone 11 Cheapest Deals

If you are shopping around for the cheapest mobile deal for you, you shouldn’t always take the marked price at face value. Just because a deal is cheap it may not be for you. If the deal only includes 1Gb of data and regularly go over that then you might find yourself racking up a lot of charges. Therefore you should always look for the amount of data that is right for you. If you need 25Gb of data per month then you should look at all the deals that include at least that amount of data in your contract and this will give you the best price.

Another way to reduce the amount of your monthly bill is by looking at your handset. Part of your monthly charge will be to cover the cost of the handset that has been supplied to you. So if you decide you don’t want to get the iPhone 11 then you can always look for a handset that will make your monthly bill much cheaper. Some companies also enable you to claim cashback on your account. If you get cashback then you can take this into account when deciding how much a deal is going to cost you. Some cashback deals are automatic which is great as it means that you don’t have to do anything in order to get your money. Otherwise, the network will send you details on what you need to do in order to claim your cashback. 

iPhone 11 Sim Free Deals

Another way to get a great deal is to look at getting a SIM-Free handset. This means that you buy the handset upfront and pay a one-off lump sum for it. Just be aware that some of the latest and greatest handsets can cost you well over a thousand pounds upfront, so if you don’t have this kind of money then a monthly deal might be better for you. If you are going for an iPhone 11, as it is a slightly more budget handset then this should cost you a little less than that.

Once you have got a handset then you are free to get a SIM card from anywhere you want to go with your mobile phone and this means you can keep changing whenever you like. When buying a SIM-Free handset then you normally get a really good deal from the provider. These often include free gifts. These can be things such as tablets, games consoles, or even prepaid credit cards that you can spend anywhere. Other offers you can get include free access to subscription services such as Netflix, BT Sport, Spotify or Apple TV+ so this can mean a great deal for you when you make your purchase.