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    Brands need to know their Power for every term they want to rank for.

    Introducing Power

    Marketers need to know how they are performing relative to their peers. Power allows you to benchmark your performance and then use insights to improve your search coverage.

    What the product does

    For every search you enter we count the brand mentions for the Top 20 results and show you where your brand ranks relative to the competition.  Click on a competitor and see immediately where they rank, and where you don't.

    Power immediately allows you to see:

    • Your positioning relative to competitors

    • Gaps in your brand marketing strategy

    • Opportunities for targeted publisher acquisition

    Why you should use Power

    Monitor your performance in search results that you care about.

    Turbocharge your marketing
    See where your peers have got brand exposure and where you don't, and then run efficient and fast marketing campaigns based on this intelligence.

    Track your Power over time.