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When it comes to making decisions about a purchase, it helps to have the full facts in front of us. If you grew up in the ’80s and 90’s you might well remember your parents telling you to get three quotes before engaging any services, and this is actually good advice. If you are looking for a new mobile, broadband deal, landline or TV package it makes sense to do some comparison work. You could be missing out on some really great deals if you just go with the first thing you see. That is why we provide comprehensive reviews of every handset, package and deal so that you can be assured you are getting the best for your money. We make it easy to compare several items side by side, giving you the confidence you are making the right choice. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a staple of most people’s lives; in fact, pretty much every handset on the market can do much more than making calls and sending texts. They are basically computers that fit in your pocket, in many cases replacing laptops and more. There are so many manufacturers it can become baffling pretty quickly with so many claiming to do the same things at many different prices. One of the things that helps when it comes to making decisions is understanding the specifications and power contained within the handset. From the camera megapixels to the GB of memory and more, we break it all down so you can easily see what you get. Many mobile phones are also sold with a pay monthly contract, and these also have many different components, so we review the network providers and what they are offering, from data deals to free gifts and whether there is an upfront cost or not. 

Broadband Deals

Another must-have of the modern world is broadband, and over the last decade competition has really hotted up. We have gone from the slow and painful delights of dial-up to super-fast fibre optic, and now there are many different providers to choose from. Again there are various considerations for the potential buyer to take into consideration. The biggest issue is speed, how fast the connection is, how quickly you can download and upload things, etc. It also depends on what kind of user you are, for some people there might just be a couple of occupants access the internet to pick up email and browse the internet. 

Other households may contain adults and several children all with multiple internet-enabled devices, all wanting to access the net at the same time. Online gamers and those who like to stream movies, television and music are going to want a more robust connection; otherwise, there will be connectivity issues, leading to discord in the household. Many broadband packages can also come in a bundle with landlines and television packages, so having all the facts makes it much easier to navigate and decide what you need. 

TV Packages

It is fair to say the days of four channels of terrestrial television has long gone; first there came the satellite options offered by the likes of Sky, and now we have streaming services and so much more. Television packages have become big business, and again you will find many different providers getting in on the act. It is a service that naturally has come to sit with the likes of broadband and landline deals, and many providers offer all three services, individually or in combination. 

Again, you want to be checking out what television channels are on offer with each provider, for example, some people want to watch a lot of sport whereas others are only interested in movies, and you do not have to pay for things you don’t want. It is also worth taking into consideration whether you are going to want to watch this television subscription on just one set or in multiple rooms at the same time. Usually, you will need to purchase extra set-top boxes and subscribe to a multi-room package. 

Landline Deals 

The landline has seen a dip in popularity since mobile phones grew exponentially, but there is still a call for the humble telephone. It is a requirement of many broadband deals, so it makes sense that providers are going to be offering a package deal with the two. If you do still use the landline for calls, and many people do, you will also want to make sure you are not paying over the odds and have a deal that suits your telephone habits. 

A pay as you go package may be perfect for those who just have a landline mainly for broadband and make the occasional call, but if you spend a lot of time chatting on the phone to friends and family in the UK or abroad, this could get costly. There are often some great deals for people who want International calling, and you can usually find packages that offer free evening and weekend calls for those who like to chat. 

Latest Reviews

So here you will find everything you need to know, reviews of Apple handsets, Samsung mobiles and many more. Broadband from TalkTalk, Sky, BT and others and a range of packages for your television viewing pleasure and landline usage. We also find and review deals that have some really special free gifts, and these can come in the form of games consoles, money off vouchers, free access to streaming services and more. 

After all, if you are going to be signing up for a year or more to get a new phone or broadband deal, why not take advantage of freebies when they are offered. It also means you might be able to afford a better handset or more comprehensive deal as you will no longer need to purchase the console or subscribe to the streaming service as you will be getting that free. All the reviews are laid out in a similar format containing the same critical information about each deal so you can see exactly what is on offer.