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We want to make sure you are always getting the best mobile phone deal for you, and never spend more than you have to. Whether you are switching network providers or comparing deals for the first time, we’ll give you all the information you need to choose the right deal at the right price. Plus, we’re completely independent and free to use. Aside from mobile phone offers we also specialise in finding you hundreds of amazing deals for your broadband, television and landline, so you can compare and save on multiple packages.

Chances are you are here today because your contract is coming to an end. Don’t let your network provider increase your tariff or lower your allowances for another 24 or 36 months. Kick your old contract to the curb and find a mobile, broadband or television package that fairer to your bank account.

Compare Mobile Phone Deals

When it comes to getting the best mobile phone deal, there are two elements to consider. Firstly, you will want to find the best handset for your requirements, whether you want a good camera, excellent battery life or the biggest screen size. The handset you pick will determine the price of the contracts on offer. Secondly, you will need to know what tariff you need, for example, do you need unlimited data, calls and texts?

TopReviews.com has pulled together the best combinations of manufacturer and network provider, to help you get the best deal. If you are an iOS fan then the only option would be to browse Apple handsets. However, if you are more of an Android user, you have a choice of handsets including Samsung, Huawei, Google, and newer manufacturers such as, Oppo and Xiaomi. Then you have a variety of network providers to give you the best pay monthly packages, including Tesco Mobile, EE and Three.

Compare Broadband Deals

These days, most homes have some form of broadband, and there is a wide range of choice when it comes to getting the best broadband deal. You are no longer limited to the big providers like BT, Sky or Virgin Media, many others have joined the race including TalkTalk, PlusNet and EE.

The best broadband deal for you all depends on where you live and what is available in your area. You will also need to think about how you use the internet and what minimum broadband speed you need. Once you have an idea of what elements you need, then you can begin to compare broadband deals suitable to you. Bear in mind that it is usually the case that the fastest connections are the most expensive.

Compare TV Package Deals

Trawling through all of the available TV packages can be a daunting and confusing experience. So, if you are considering moving away from standard Freeview Digital TV, there are a few things you want to think about before making a decision. One of the most important is, what TV service can you receive in your property. Most homes can receive at least one digital TV service, such as Sky or NowTV. However, there is also Virgin’s cable service. Next, you need to set a budget and consider “set-up” costs which can be up to £35, and sometimes more.

Many people are only interested in movies, others want access to sport or music. Most providers can tailor deals to what you are interested in without having to pay for the whole 
package. One other thing to consider is whether you want the option to be able to watch your service on more than one TV or device at the same time, in which case, you will need to select a multiroom package so you are sent the right amount of set top boxes.

Compare Landline Phone Costs

Although using a landline is something of a dying entity, it is still essential for a broadband connection so most people will still need some form of it. To some consumers it will be an essential part of their communications and paying over the odds for the pleasure doesn’t make much sense. You will find that companies that offer a broadband service will also offer a landline package. These deals will vary depending on your needs, some people need access to make calls all day and some just need evening and weekend calls.

Some consumers don't need to use their landline at all for calls, especially if they only need it for a broadband connection. In this case, you can opt for a “pay as you go” landline deal, where you will pay a line rental amount and nothing else unless you happen to make any calls.

News & Reviews

Stay up to date with all the latest news and information on handsets, network providers, broadband and landline deals and television packages. We make it our mission to provide you with reviews of the latest products available and news of any new releases in the mobile phone industry. Make your life easier when choosing a new mobile handset by reading the latest reviews, rumours and launch dates. We breakdown each handset looking at things like the camera quality, performance and design. You can even find comparisons of the latest flagship phones.

All the vital information about every deal is included so once you pick your handset you can quickly line up the prospective candidates and see which will make your final cut. Having as much information as possible means you are able to find the best deals and in turn save the most money. You will also find that many of our mobile phone deals, broadband deals and TV packages come with some pretty amazing free gifts or cashback, all of which are highlighted so you might even get more than you hoped for.

Top Reviews FAQs

What is a SIM only deal?

A SIM only deal covers just the mobile service, i.e. it gives you a set monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data. It's normally much cheaper than a traditional mobile contract, as Sim-only deals don't bundle in the cost of the phone itself.

With a SIM only contract, you pay a monthly amount and get the benefits of an ongoing contract, such as cheaper or better-value call time and data. As with a typical pay-monthly deal, you'll usually get a fixed amount of inclusive calls and texts, so you know how much you can use the phone.

How do I keep my number when I get a new SIM?

If you want a clean switch without having to speak to your existing provider, new government regulations have made the whole process a lot easier. 

Text to Switch is simple - just text the number 65075 and you’ll get your PAC code straight away

Get your PAC code from EE
Call 150 from an EE mobile phone
Call 079 5396 6250 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Three
Call 333 from a Three phone
Call 033 3338 1001 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from O2
Call 202 from an O2 phone
Call 034 4809 0222 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Virgin Mobile
Call 789 from a Virgin Mobile phone
Call 034 5600 0789 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Vodafone
Call 191 from a Vodafone phone
Call 033 3304 0191 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from BT Mobile
Call 150 from a BT Mobile phone
Call 0800 800 150 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Plusnet Mobile
Call 500 from a Plusnet Mobile phone
Call 080 0013 2632 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from ID Mobile
Call 7777 from an ID Mobile phone
Call 033 3003 7777 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Tesco Mobile
Call 4455 from a Tesco Mobile phone
Call 034 5301 4455 from any other phone (mobile or landline)

Get your PAC code from Sky Mobile
Call 033 0041 2639 from Sky Mobiles, phones registered to other networks and landlines

Get your PAC code from giffgaff
giffgaff doesn't operate customer support helplines. However, you can get a PAC code from giffgaff by mailing them using giffgaff's contact form.

Get your PAC code from VOXI
VOXI is aimed at under 30s. So it's no surprise that you can only contact the network via Twitter, web chat and Facebook Messenger. To get your PAC code, head to VOXI's contact page.

Get your PAC code from SMARTY
SMARTY doesn't have any customer service helplines. To get your PAC code, log into your SMARTY account.

What are the differences between standard broadband and Fibre?

Fibre broadband is better, faster and more reliable than standard ADSL internet and is delivered to homes and businesses through fibre optic cables.

Most connections connect to your home via the phone network cabinet in your area (those green boxes you see at the side of the road). The fibre comes from the telephone exchange and terminates at the cabinet, with the connection into your home provided by your copper phone line as with ADSL.

Which TV Package is best for me?

There are now TV packages specially designed for movie lovers, sports fans, and kids. 

Most of the time you'll find packages that offer the channels you want in related genres. In some cases you can mix and match them into bundles or subscribe to individual channels to create your own personalised TV package.

Sky’s Sports Pack is inarguably the most popular of its kind, offering live football, F1, rugby union, cricket golf, golf and many other sports.

Sky Cinema, meanwhile, lets you enjoy 11 channels showing blockbuster hits, plus a new premiere every day.

Either of these packs can be added to any Sky package, as well as packages from most other providers.

Can I get broadband without a phone line?

Virgin Media is the only major broadband provider within the UK to provide broadband without a phone line, due to the fact that it has its own fibre broadband network separate from BT.

Other networks may offer broadband deals without line rental but you will need to shop around. They also, may not be any cheaper.

What broadband speed do I need?

0-30Mbps (1 - 2 people per household)
Fine for those that don’t use the internet for much more than browsing or social media.
Mostly serviced by ADSL broadband, which offers average speeds around 10Mbps.

30-60Mbps (3+ users per household)
Suitable for multiple people using the internet at the same time, especially when streaming video.
Infrequent streamers and smaller houses can likely get away with a broadband deal offering these speeds.
Fibre broadband packages will give a more consistent, reliable service.

60-100Mbps (serious streaming households)
You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a steady connection to try to avoid buffering, especially if multiple members of the household are streaming at once.
Aim to have at least 63Mbps to ensure uninterrupted streaming, gameplay and frequent file downloads for larger households.
Faster fibre broadband deals are usually only a few pounds more per month and are worth it for heavier broadband users.

100Mbps or higher (working with large files and downloads)
Ideal for serious online gamers and those with a lot of connected devices throughout their home.
Great for people who often work from home and need to download a lot of heavy files.
Faster connections are vital for conference calls and those that rely on frequent file-sharing.