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iPhone 13 Pro Leaks - Apple Buying Screens from LG

We have only just seen the release of the iPhone 12 but the leaks are coming in fast for the iPhone 13 series. Apple are going to buy their screens from LG giving them an edge over Samsung.
iPhone 13
A report has been seen by PhoneArena claiming LG will be producing more of their OLED panels it supplies to Apple. The latest releases from Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus both have ProMotion displays giving them a higher refresh rate. A higher refresh rate makes streaming better and also gives mobile gamers an edge over their competitors.

Why are LG OLED Panels good?

LG's OLED Panel is produced using LTPO or low-temperature polycrystalline oxide which guarantee a faster refresh rate.

The latest Galaxy Note series features LTPO display technology which dynamically adjusts the displays refresh rate depending on what your are doing with your phone. For example, when using high intensity games or video the Note 20 will use the maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. It slows down the refesh rate if its not required. This saves on the Note 20 series battery life.

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