Best Broadband Deals

Broadband has become something of a necessity for most of us; it has become unusual to find a home without a connection to some form of broadband. That has meant that the market has become flooded with providers all keen to secure new business by offering faster speeds and more reliable connections. This is a two-edged sword for customers, you have loads of choice, giving you a chance to get some cracking deals, but at the same time, it can be baffling to know what to choose. 

That is where we come in, providing reviews of many different deals from a wide range of providers enabling you to decide what might serve you best. It doesn’t matter whether you need a broadband connection for work or play; we provide as much information as possible to help you decide. 

Compare Broadband Deals

Broadband deals come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your need. Many homes have several users all wanting to access the net at the same time, with evenings and weekends clearly being the most popular time. There are so many devices that access the web it can get pretty crowded, so we highlight as many deals as possible designed to cope with multi user connectivity. 

If you have children with gaming consoles, laptops and iPads, and you access the internet via mobile devices, your broadband needs to be robust, and you will have to decide whether you will have some sort of cap or an unlimited service. It also comes in various speeds, and as you might expect, this will change the price. With televisions and devices like voice assistants also connecting to the internet there is nothing more frustrating than having a broadband package that doesn’t meet your needs, where speeds will be slow, or connections will be dropped. With more streaming services coming online, it is certainly worth taking the time to find the best deal for you.

Cheapest Broadband Deals

As with all things in life, the cheapest broadband deal might not always be the best thing for your needs, but again there are lots of different things to choose from. Companies also tempt customers with free gifts, and these come in many different forms, from cashback to vouchers, free consoles to other devices. This can sometimes make all the difference, especially if it is something you have been looking to purchase. 

Most deals are available on a pay monthly basis which makes it easier to budget. When reviewing the experiences, we take care to structure the reviews in such a way that you can easily see the important information for each deal, making it simple to compare side-by-side. The broadband experiences on offer depend on your geographical location, and you will find that you can get ADSL and ADSL2+ in most homes, and this also needs a BT landline installed. ADSL can be provided by many different providers, whereas ADSL2+ is only available with a few companies. Alternatively, you can look at a cable broadband which is also known as fibre-optic, and this is faster than ADSL. Again there are several providers offering these services, and speeds can be up to 330Mbps depending on where you live.

Broadband and Television Experiences

Another way to get a good broadband deal is to consider a combined package that also provides television services, for example, Sky. Here you can make savings on two services you want at home by purchasing them from the same provider. Again each provider will be offering something different, depending on whether you are looking for general entertainment experiences, movies or sport. Virgin has a service called Mixit with over 120 channels on offer, Sky boasts over 300 channels, and there are many more like NowTV, TalkTalk and BT all offering different television experiences. Generally, in this case, you will receive your broadband router and a set-top box for the television provision. Once connected, you will have access to live television and streaming services, but remember that you will need to continue paying your television licence. 

Broadband and Landline Experiences

Another popular combination is broadband and landline, and this means you can switch your landline from BT to one of the internet service providers by taking advantage of a new package deal. It makes sense to change all your service to the same provider in many cases, as there are savings to be hand. Many experiences combine all three, the television, landline and broadband, so it is certainly worth considering. 

Again it will depend on how much you use your landlord and what you hope to achieve. Mobile broadband has also become much more popular, and while this tends to be a service that comes with your mobile phone, broadband providers are now offering 4G backup that automatically kicks in if your broadband should fail for any reason, meaning you are offered continuity of service in many more situations. You would expect to pay a little more for this type of backup, but many people are only too happy to do so, for the peace of mind it offers. 

Latest Broadband Reviews

So, have a look at the reviews we have put together before you sign up to anything, as a rule of thumb you need to be looking for certain speeds depending on the number of users. We suggest that if you have 1 or 2 users mainly looking to browse the internet speeds below 30Mbps would be sufficient but if you are heavy streamers not so. If there are three or more, and you sometimes like to stream or play games, you should be looking for 30-60Mbps. For over five users who often stream and run multiple devices all connected at the same time start with 60-100Mbps. Finally, for larger groups of eight or more who are all streaming and downloading, then you need to be aiming for over 100Mbps to ensure a service fast enough to keep up. It is always better to strive for better than you need to give you a hassle-free connection that reaches the best speeds.