Best Landline Phone Deals

Although mobile phones have increased in popularity, the humble landline is still very much in demand. It varies how much use it gets, but for many broadband services a landline is needed, and for that reason, it is still a fixture in most homes. Many businesses prefer to have a landline number for customers to contact, and many people still use the landline at home as a regular means of communicating with friends and family. That said, it is always wise to shop around, as BT is not the only provider these days, although they might be the best bet still depending on your needs. We have put together a review of all the landline deals on offer so you can see where you can save money, which after all is something we can all get on board with. 

Compare Landline Services

When it comes to getting the best landline deal for you, there are many factors to consider, and it depends on what you are planning to use the phone for. Many providers offer cheaper calls in the evenings and weekends, which might well work for many people. However, some will have a need to use the landline during the day. 

It also varies depending on the types of number you call most frequently, local calls are not that expensive, but if you regularly need to call premium-rate numbers, you might want to look for a deal that offers this without incurring extra charges every time. You also need to consider how often you need to call people in other countries as there are some great deals to be had when it comes to international calling so if you have friends and family abroad it is worth checking out. Mobile calling is, of course, the other big thing in this day and age, so be sure to find out how this will be billed. 

Cheapest Landline Deals

Looking for the cheapest landline deal might not be the best policy. If you do not get something that covers your biggest usage points, then you are likely to find yourself incurring extra charges every month which is soon going to get frustrating and cost you more in the long run. It is better to pay a little more to make sure you have, say, international calling if this is important for you. 

Many landline services also have extra features, like built-in voice mail, call blocking, call forwarding and last caller number recall etc. to help you get the most from the service and make sure you are not bothered with nuisance calls. In order to attract new customers, you will also find the landline providers have various special offers, including free gifts. These can vary greatly but have been known to include things like free handsets, consoles or gift vouchers and of course packages with other services that they offer. So it is worth reading the reviews and comparing the features before you decide who to sign up with. 

Landline and Broadband Packages

One of the most common other services that landline companies will offer as part of a package deal is the broadband provision for your home. It makes sense that the two services sit together as they are dependent on each other. Broadband requires a landline connection to work so having both with one bill is a sensible decision. This means that you will need to do some research into the best broadband package for you, but again we have put together comprehensive reviews to make this easier. 

Of course, we are long past the days of dial-up when the landline would be out of commission while the internet was connected, but it is still an integral part of the service. Choosing broadband depends on a number of factors from the amount of people wanting to access the internet at the same time to the activities they well be mostly doing, with downloading, streaming and gaming being more resource-heavy than just browsing the web. However, there are bargains to be had, so it is worth finding the best landline and broadband deal for you if this is what you choose to do. 

Landline and Television 

Another service that tends to get packaged in with the landline and broadband is television services. These have become much more reliant on the internet with streaming service being so popular, so again you can see why providers like to offer the three things as a single package. Again you stand to save a substantial amount of money if you group them all together. 

With the savings you make, and the fact you can also get some generous free gifts you can even get your hands on the latest console just by consolidating three bills into one. It is worth understanding that most landlines are still involved with BT, but this is actually becoming less of an issue as technology moves on. In some cases, you will be using VoIP technology via your service provider and the performance of your landline will be just as good as you would expect in any other cases. 

Latest Landline Reviews

When we compare and review landlines, we make sure that we keep the information consistent so you can easily see what features are on offer. When it comes to the packages on offer, there tend to be three main types offered. It will be cheaper upfront will be a pay-as-you-go arrangement where you pay for line rental and then calls you make. 

Now if you have a high usage this could become more expensive than it sounds, so they step up in call plans to semi-inclusive plans like evenings and weekends, meaning that you pay the line rental and a fee that gives you freedom to make calls at the weekends and in the evenings to most numbers, right up to all include where everything is covered. Of course, this has a higher upfront cost, but you need to weigh up the cost of the spend against what you actually use in a typical month.