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Best Films for Kids in Lockdown

See what Netflix, Disney and Sky Cinema have on offer to entertain younger viewers. Okay, most of the time parents are trying to stop their children sitting in front of the television all day however, this is a totally unprecedented time and with the extra bonus of Easter holidays it is going to be hard to keep your kids away from the telly.
Disney Netflix Sky
With no end in sight, and no way of knowing how long we will all be locked down relaxing the viewing rules is probably a good idea for some sanity. So, here are some great choices from Netflix, Disney and sky cinema to keep the whole family entertained while being suitable for the younger generation. 


Paddington 2: We never promised this was going to be any fun for the adults, although there is actually an appeal with both of the Paddington films that makes them fairly watchable for adults too. Paddington is also available if you missed the first instalment, the second one, although slightly more far-fetched (as if a bear living in a family was ever perfectly normal!) is still funny and entertaining. Our hero manages to get into all sorts of scrapes but always charms his way out with his good nature and love of marmalade sandwiches.

Incredibles 2: While we are on the subject of sequels how about the next instalment of the superhero family the Incredibles. As usual some maniacal evil villains are causing havoc for our family of do-gooders and as well as the action and adventure it teaches children the value of teamwork. Charming and well animated from the magical team at Pixar.


Toy Story 4: The launch of Disney+ coincided nicely with lockdown giving desperate parents access to a range of classics and new movies from Florida giants Disney. First out of the gate we have Toy Story four, from the ever-popular series of Andy’s toys; Woody and Buzz and all their friends who come to life when the people aren’t looking. A very gentle and safe ramp suitable for all ages.

Lady and the Tramp: Although the original cartoon is on there, we are looking at the live-action remake which is an absolute delight and will appeal to adults as well as children. The adventures of pampered pooch Lamp and her street dog friend Tramp are timeless and loved by all.

Sky Cinema 

The Secret Life of Pets: meet terrier Max who lives in a high- rise in Manhattan and see what happens when his mum and dad bring home a new dog Duke who is a mongrel. The two do not hit it off but must join forces to save the day and defeat snowball the white bunny rabbit. Probably one to leave on while you’re working in the background as it’s not so great for adults.

Disney’s The Jungle Book: Live-action remakes are all the rage at the moment, and this is an amazing attempt with a menacing Shere Khan played by Idris Elba, Bill Murray taking the role of blue with a bear and Scarlett Johansson as Kaa the snake. Perfect for old and young alike.