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Best PS4 Deals, Bundles & Cheap offers April 2020

The PS5 is due out Christmas this year, this means PS4 prices are quickly dropping. We've compared the best PS4 deals & bundles to save you money.
PS4 Bundle Deals
We've checked every online retailer to find our readers the best PS4, PS4 Pro deals and bundles.Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the PS4 has lots of stock in the UK meaning the consumer can get the best price.

What are PS4 Bundles?

Bundles come with games or accessories like the Sony PlayStation VR headset. Currently most bundles come with a choice of Fortnite, Death Stranding, Fifa 20 and Nioh 2.

PlayStation Now

This platform is perfect for kids. For £8.99 a month you can join PlayStation now and get access to hundreds of titles including classics like Red Dead Redemption and newer games like Rocket League. PlayStation Now is a monthly subscription can be turned off and on when you choose. 

PlayStation Plus

Playstation Plus is another subscription service billed to "POWER UP YOUR PLAY". This gives you early access to games as well as free downloadable content each month. There's three choices on the subscription packages

  • Pay £49.99 a month upfront for the year (£4.17 a month)
  • Pay £19.99 for a three months subscriptions (6.67 a month)
  • Pay £6.99 a month on a rolling monthly basis

PS5 the Next Generation

The PS5 is due to launch at Christman time this year it may seem the wrong time to buy a cheap PS4 deal. Thats not so. The PS5 will launch but the pricetag may push consumers away with a rumoured cheapest cost of £699.

Future PS4 Games

Sony and leading game makers won't be slowing down developing new PS4 games, they plan to release over 100 new games in 2020 alone.

Cheap PS Console Deals

Where to buy
ArgosPS4 500GB£249.99Click to buy
ArgosPS4 Pro 1TB£349.99Click to buy

Cheap PS4 Bundle Deals

where to buy
AO.comPS4 Pro 1TB - Death Stranding£349Click to buy
Very.co.ukPS4 Pro  - Fifa 20£359.99Click to buy
AO.comPS4 Pro - Spiderman£349Click to buy
GamePS4 Pro 1TB (Glacier White) - Destiny 2 Bundle£349.99Click to buy

These PS4 deals are the current leading deals availble for all retailers in the UK.