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Calming the 5G Rumour Mill

Over the last few days the 5G conspiracy theories have been out in full force. It is natural, when something is happening that we cannot understand, blame is associated with new things that have come into our world.
The coronavirus has caused devastation across the world, and medical experts are not particularly clear on how and why it came to be. People are looking for their own answers and 5G has now come under fire, with claims that it is dangerous and damaging to health. So, let’s take a closer look.

Is 5G Dangerous? 

The bottom line is that the way 5G communicates, is pretty much the same as 4G and other forms of communication. It does use higher frequency waves than we have seen before, but there is no reason to think that these will affect us or our health in any way.

Public-health England is one reputable source, and their official line on the subject is “no new implications for 5G, the conclusions reached based on the current body of scientific evidence covers 5G frequencies”

Ofcom Study 

We also rely heavily on Ofcom, as the UK regulator so we looked at their study of 5G technology. The study was set out using 10 towns and cities over the country and 16 different 5G sites within them. The locations chosen were based on where the highest usage will be when 5G is live. For example, a shopping centre, a transport hub, a public venue like a concert hall.

They concluded that “at every site, emissions were a small fraction of the levels included in the international guidelines, as set out by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The maximum measured at any site was 1.5% of these levels

Protestors Disagree

While clearly protesters disagree, with vandalism and destruction of 5G mass being carried out, they seem to have the wrong idea. There are other studies in other countries, and all of these offer the same level of evidence that 5G is no more dangerous to our health than 4G or any other communications via the airwaves.

Accessing 5G

The only difference is for customers wishing to access the 5G network is that the phone they use must have a 5G modem. These are now becoming widely available from many different phone manufacturers in their flagship handsets and many others. The service offered by 5G is designed to be faster and allow more people to connect at the same time. This would alleviate the frustrations of poor data signal, and the only things the customer should be concerned with are benefits.

If you are not quite ready to upgrade your handset to the 5G network, rest assured 4G will continue to work as it does at the moment. It just means they won’t be putting any more time into developing it. But if you have a solid 4G service where you live you can wait a little bit longer before making the transition to the new 5G network and over the next couple of years there will be many more handsets offering 5G until this becomes the norm.