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Checkout the New PS5 Controller

Sony has finally announced what the new PS5 controller will look like. There’s quite a bit of difference from the older PS4 & PS3 black official controllers but we expect other colour variations to be released over time. We expect consumers to get their hands on the new PS5 controller when it's released before Christmas this year.
PS5 Controller
The new PS5 controller has been named the DualSense controller, with several changes that will help players feel more integrated into the game.

Sony have adapted the shoulder buttons to include haptic feedback.The new controller also boasts a built in speaker and microphone, so you can play your games and speak to your mates without wearing a headset.

Sony have also moved the LED Lightbar, positioning it around the touchpad which gives the controller a futuristic look. They have also removed the colour hues from the action buttons which gives it a clinical feel.

Sony stated;

“The radical departure from our previous controller offerings captures just how strongly we feel about making a generation leap with PS5”

Sony haven't confirmed whether the console will follow this colour scheme but in the past they have aligned the designs so we expect this to follow the usual pattern. Sony have not released any information about the PS5 controller specifications but they did state their aim was to reduce the weight of the controller whilst maintaining the already long battery life.

PS5 Controller FAQs

How much will PS5 controllers cost?

Sony have not yet confirmed the price. The previous PS4 controller cost around £40 so we expect the upgraded controller to cost between £50 and £60.

What is the DualSense?

The DualSense is the new name for the PS5 controller.

When can I buy the new PS5 controller?

The new PS5 controller will be availble near Christmas 2020 alongside the new Playstation 5 launch.

Will the new PS5 controller work on PC's

The previous PS4 controller did so we expect this technology to stay the same.

What do the adaptive trigger buttons do?

Apaptive triggers allow game developers to manage the sensitity of the button based on the action you are performing in the game.

Will the PS5 controller still have a headphone jack?

Yes, the headphone jack will still be there but the new built in microphone means you dont have to use it. Its likely people will continue to use the jack due to privace but the option is there.

What colours will the PS5 controllers come in?

When the PS5 launches the new black and white contoller will be the only one availble. However, Sony often release multiple colours in the months after the launch.

Will the PS4 controller use wireless charging?

Sony have patented wireless technology in relation to a controller but we cannot confirm if this will be included in the specifcations.

Will the PS5 controller have voice control?

As the PS5 has a built in microphone its possible that voice control could be included but Sony have not revealed this at the moment.

Will I be able to connect my PS5 controller to my iPhone

Like the PS4 controller you will be able to connect your PS5 controller to your iPhone.

Can I connect the new PS5 controller via Bluetooth

Yes, this connectivity will stay the same as the PS4 controller.

How long will is take for the PS5 controller to charge?

The battery setup in the new PS5 controller is the same as the PS4 controller. So a full charge should take around 2 hours.

How will I know if my PS5 controller will be fully charged?

If the controller is not currently on and you're charging it, it will flash orange. When the battery is full, the light will turn off.

Will I be able to connect my PS5 controller to my Steam account?

Yes, this functionality will stay the same as the PS4 controller.

Will I be able to connect my PS4 device to Android devices?

Pairing a PS5 controller with an Android will still work. Click on the Bluetooth button on the device and then look at your Bluetooth settings on your android device, Now connect and you will be ready to go.