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Cool iPhone Tips and Tricks for the Latest Apple Handsets

  • The Apple iPhone 11 series is busy flying off the shelves, and the iPhone SE 2020 is in pre-launch reserve mode, and sales are already high.
Apple iPhone Tips & Tracks
Add to that the talk of the iPhone 12 series coming later in the year and Apple seem to be riding high on their game again. If you have an iPhone you want to make sure you are getting the best from it, so here are some great tips and tricks you may have missed to get you started. 

Screen Recording

Screen recording is one of the options you can have in the control centre. You need have to go into your settings to add or remove something from the control centre. You want to be looking for the icon which is a solid white circle with a thin ring around it. Once on the control centre, go to anything you want to record on screen, swipe down to open the control centre Press the button to start recording and you will see a 3 second countdown during which time you can head back to what you want to record. Then just return to press stop when you finished capturing what you wanted. The video can easily be edited in the Photos App

Dark Mode

A popular new addition in recent iOS updates was the addition of dark mode. It has become very trendy to be able to put all of your apps onto a black screen with white text. While not every single app is supported, it is still a popular trend. You will find it in your settings menu and then display and brightness where you simply toggle the dark mode option on. There are further settings that enable you to schedule times for dark mode to switch on or off if you so desire

Tidy Up Your Home Screen

Like many mobile phone manufacturers Apple installs a lot of their own proprietary apps that they hope you are going to love and use. Things like stocks, compass and others. Previously if you were not interested in these apps, you could not uninstall them you simply had to shuffle them into a folder out of sight. Now you can actually remove them, simply hold them down and ignore the first menu that pops up and wait for the app to start wiggling at which point you can delete it. If you ever delete something by mistake you will find it again in the App Store.

Keyboard Tricks

iOS 13 devices can now swipe to type. You simply place your thumb or finger on the first letter and swipe to the next, etc and predictive text will help you guess the word. You can also switch the keyboard to one-handed typing on either side making it perfect for left-handed and right-handed people. All you need to do is select the emoji icon and choose which side you want the keyboard to head. This is great on the larger screen devices if you have trouble reaching the whole keyboard with one hand