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Fitbit Premium Free Trial extended for 3 months

Fitbit has stepped up its game during the UK lockdown and is offering its paid for service, Fitbit Premium, free for 90 days to help people stay physically and mentally healthy.
The Fitbit Premium service is usually priced at £7.99pm or £79.99 annually. It is an extension of the existing Fitbit app and it is designed for users to get a more personalised and in depth experience and find more motivation to make healthy changes. 

If you haven’t already registered for the subscription service then you are eligible to start the three month trial, which should get us through the coronavirus lockdown. So, if you own a Fitbit tracker or a fitness tracker that links to the Fitbit app, this is a no brainer.

For all of us that are missing the gym or worried about our lack of steps, this is a great way to boost the endorphins with a workout, feel better with meditation and tune in to our health.

What does Fitbit Premium have that Fitbit does not?

There are four main areas to the Fitbit Premium service: workouts, guided health programs, mindfulness, and deep insights into your health data including sleep analysis. These features are available on the Fitbit App without subscription but they are very limited as taster sessions.


This is the section that will be most appreciated by gym-goers who are unable to get to their church at the moment. It will also be useful for those who want to workout but don;t know where to start.

There is a host of workouts on the app ranging from core to all types of body strength. The workouts can be adapted to suit all fitness levels. Once a session is completed, you will be asked details about the workout and how you found it, this information is then used to personalise any future workouts you choose.

The workouts are compiled by experts as organisations such as Popsugar, barre3, Yoga Studio and many more. They are not just computer generated for made up from a wannabe personal trainer back at Fitbit HQ.
Fitbit Workouts

Guided Programs

This option is good if you are looking to change your lifestyle. Wanting to kick the habit of having a cup of tea before bed? Then use guided programs to help. There are many to choose from and once you decide which is best for you Premium will ask you a number of questions about your goals and health, from there you will be prompted throughout the day to cross off items.

Your performances will be monitored as you go, taking into account your already set targets and goals. This is done by pulling through data from your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker.
Fitbit Programs


With all the anxiety and stress around us at the minute, it is time we took some time out from negative news, social media and the worry about our jobs and health.

The fitbit Premium subscription offers guided mindfulness sessions with over 150 to choose from. These are also incorporated into your personal mix of workouts and health stats too.

Guided programs that are available include breathing exercises, bedtime stories, anti-anxiety meditation and much more. Even if you are having issues sleeping, there is a session for that.
Fitbit Mindfullness

Wellness Reports

Premium members can benefit from more in depth insights compared to those on the standard Fitbit app. Rather than using data from the average Fitbit user, Premium subscribers will get personalised data reflecting their specific activity, workout or sleep pattern.

Wellness reports have been developed in conjunction with physicians that you are able to share with your doctor, PT or nutritionist. The idea is to help users get more personalised care and help manage their chronic illnesses like diabetes and coeliac.
Fitbit Premium Insights

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Fitbit FAQ's

Who is Fitbit Premium for?

Fitbit Premium is suitable for all age group through its diverse range of guided workouts and plans.

Can I use the Fitbit app with an Apple watch?

Yes, you can connect an Apple watch through a strava account.