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How to Correctly Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone

Lockdown is proving to be a highly popular time to change your phone, and why not. But how do you get rid of the old one?
Recycled Mobile Phones
Mobile phone retailers are working hard to come up with new and better deals, and manufacturers are still releasing plenty of new handsets, so you have a great range of choice. The question that remains is what you do with your old phone once you decommission it and the new one takes over. It could just live in a drawer at home for years but that seems to be a bit of a waste.

Sell It

The second-hand phone market is busy, and you could always try and sell your handset for a bit of extra cash.  Of course, at the moment you do have to remember the rules of social distancing, but various selling platforms including Facebook Marketplace and eBay are doing their best to ensure that sellers can still send the goods in a way that is within the rules of lockdown.

Barter with It

Mobile phone providers including Apple, Samsung, Huawei and more offer schemes where you can return your old phone and receive a discount off your new handset. These are always worth looking into as they often have trade in programs, and it will make it slightly easier to get your hands on your new dream phone.

Donate It

In the UK Oxfam has a scheme whereby they take mobile phones for recycling and they use them to fight poverty in the country. There are plenty of things you can donate apart from your mobile phone and helping other people is something you should definitely be looking into.

But What if It’s Broken?

So, for all the schemes above you do need to have a working condition handset, and we know this isn’t always the case. Sometimes people are getting a new phone because the old one simply does not work anymore. However, you should not just throw it in the dustbin. Some of the parts inside a mobile phone actually contain hazardous waste, and if they’re not disposed of in the correct manner these substances which can be toxic will leach into our soil and water supplies. You can see that it’s important that we actually recycle the phones correctly. Some local authorities include recycling phones within their remit, especially if they already recycle batteries. But there are plenty of other companies that can help and all you need to do is remove the Sim card and send it into them.

If you’ve done all that and are still not sure what your next handset is going to be why not have a look at the comprehensive review on the website. We have tried to cover as many of the major players and providers as we can, and our reviews are designed to help you compare handsets side-by-side. We’ve also pulled together the best deals from a wide range of suppliers and network providers so that you can get a deal that meets your needs and even comes with a few little extra free gifts to sweeten the deal.