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iPhone 13 Leak - The Notch Will Change

What the iPhone 13 will look like is a well-kept secret. A reliable leaker now wants to know that a changed notch awaits us. The display recess for the front camera of iPhones has hardly changed since 2017.
iPhone 13
As Ice Universe writes on Twitter, Apple is supposed to stick to the notch on the iPhone 13, but make it "shorter" than on the current models.

Should the forecast of the speaker come true, there would be more space for the actual screen area of ​​the iPhone 13. That means: A smaller part of the display than before would be interrupted by the notch, which should be particularly noticeable when playing films and series.

Will there be an iPhone without a notch?

The iPhone notch has been criticized since its introduction. Apple introduced the feature with the iPhone X and made it suitable for the masses. Many manufacturers initially copied the notch, but are now using more space-saving solutions such as punch holes. Apple will apparently not follow this trend with the iPhone 13. In the iPhone 12 lineup, the display recess has remained untouched. 

Why is it shorter instead of narrower?

Why could Apple have decided to make the notch of the iPhone 13 shorter instead of narrower? Maybe because the upper corners of the display are occupied by status symbols anyway. A narrower notch would only reduce the distance between the time and the icon for the reception quality, at least on the home screen. You wouldn't really see any more content.

It is also conceivable that a shortening is technically easier to implement. Finally, one of the reasons Apple is sticking to the notch is Face ID. The technology required for 3D face recognition is located behind the display recess. A certain minimum width may be required to accommodate the sensors and the laser projector.

A shorter notch might suit the iPhone 13 better than a badly narrowed one. When we think of a smartphone with a narrow display recess, the Google Pixel 3 XL immediately comes to mind. And nobody should confuse the iPhone 13 with this "beauty". On the other hand, the Svetapple concept in our lead picture shows that even a narrow notch can be nice to look at.

iPhone 13 FAQs

Will there be an iPhone 13?

Apple have not confirmed the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 13 but we expect the naming conventions to continue.

When will the iPhone 13 be released?

The iPhone 13 should be released on the last Friday of September 2021