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Motorola Edge is Back: Making Up for Lost Ground

  • Ladies and gentlemen meet the Endless Edge. Motorola has been very quiet lately, but they have just made their way back into the market with two handsets named the Motorola Edge and the Motorola Edge+. 
Motorola Edge+
The name is to represent the fact that these are Motorola’s version of the waterfall edge screen and they are certainly very good-looking handsets. Keen to get back in the game and make progress both these handsets feature 5G connectivity as well as offering triple camera functionality.

Motorola Edge Plus

It has been awhile since Moto bought out a flagship handset, the Motorola Edge+ is the higher spec offering of the two handsets, making it the official flagship phone. It comes with a 6.7-inch HDR10+ and an AMOLED screen, and as we’ve already mentioned the screen falls away at the sides, giving this a premium look and feel. The front facing camera has been housed in a tiny punch hole on the top left corner and it features a 25-megapixel lens which is pretty impressive. The battery is superb at 5000mAH and this handset has wireless charging, compatible with all Qi chargers.

Under the front screen you have the fingerprint scanner for added biometric security. The rear camera is enough to make you sit down, it has 108 megapixel lens which has to be one of the largest on the market at the moment, supporting this there are two more lenses, an eight megapixel telephoto which has three times optical zoom and a 16 megapixel ultrawide which is the macro photography lens. There is also the TOF camera. The RAM is seriously impressive offering 12GB which is well over that seen on many computers, and there is also 256GB storage.

Motorola Edge 

Interestingly, Motorola has chosen to keep the standard handset at the same size, so it shares the 6.7-inch screen, but it does not have the same spec. There is no HDR10+ support, but it still looks and feels pretty impressive. In terms of chipset you have a Snapdragon 765 5G whereas in the bigger brother you have the Snapdragon 865 5G which is on a par with other premium high-end flagship phones. The battery is slightly smaller coming in at 4500mAH offering 18W charging speeds, there is no wireless charging on this model.

When it comes to the camera you still have a triple lens, but the main sensor is only 64 megapixels as opposed to 108MP we see on the Plus version. There is still an ultra-wide and a telephoto lens plus the ToF sensor. The front facing camera is a 25 megapixel just the same as its Big Brother. No serious contender for flagship status could get away with not running Android 10 at this point and both handsets do, Motorola have confirmed that this will be updated to at least version 11 and possibly beyond. This time there is only 6 GB of RAM, which is still really good and the storage is 128GB but you have the microSD card on this handset but you don’t on the Plus.