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New Rumour Says SE Out, 9 In!

Apple does like to keep us guessing, and the hotly disputed topic at the moment is whether the new handset is going to be the iPhone 9 or the iPhone SE. We thought we had the definitive answer, and yet waking up this morning the playing field has shifted once more.
iPhone SE iPhone 9
Last week we reported that the Apple Store contains a screen protector which is suitable for the iPhone SE/7/8 suggesting that the latest cutdown handset is indeed going to be the iPhone SE and measuring the same size as the other two devices. However Chinese e-commerce giants jd.com has posted an interesting placeholder that reverts to calling it the iPhone 9 which has left us all scratching our heads in confusion. No one is quite sure what Apple is up to this time.

April Release Date Still Looming

What we think we know, is that the new handset under whatever moniker finally ends up with will be released on the 15th of April. It was due to release in March, but due to the unprecedented pandemic it has been pushed back. The fact that the website has placed a page in preparation, suggests that it’s certainly not far away. The information on the page is limited, there are no particular specifications listed although we do know that it will not contain a 5G modem and use the lightning connector. 
So, it seems safe to say the phone is definitely coming but we are not quite sure why the name is so hotly disputed.

The other things we know about this next handset, whether it be the iPhone SE (2020) or iPhone 9, is that it will be similar in specification to the iPhone 8, which means it will have bezels, some out of line with the design trend at the moment. We also expect it to be small with a 4.7-inch screen, the touch ID button on the front, again a step back in terms of touchscreen design, one rear camera which is expected to be 12 megapixels, and it will feature the A13 bionic chip set.

iPhone 12 Series Release

It also seems as though Apple might be releasing two handsets within the series, with a larger 5.5-inch screen model, which presumably would either be called the iPhone 9 Plus all the iPhone SE (2020) Plus. With the latter being somewhat of a mouthful, it is easy to see why they stick with the year numbering sequence, although this is now grossly out of line as we are also awaiting the release of the iPhone 12 series later in the year. That would’ve been September, but with this one pushed back and with the ongoing Covid-19 situation that too could see something of a delay in release. 

As usual, we will do our best to keep you updated with the rumours and ensure that you have all the information for any new handset as soon as it is available.