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Vodafone SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • VodafoneviaThe Carphone Warehouse
  • SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • Upfront costFree
  • Total cost£192.00
  • Contract length12 months
  • 100GB data
  • £16.00 per month
Vodafone SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • VodafoneviaThe Carphone Warehouse
  • SIM Card Triple SIM 5G
  • Upfront costFree
  • Total cost£192.00
  • Contract length12 months
  • 100GB data
  • £16.00 per month

Sim Card News

Sim Only Deals

When you find a handset you love, you may just want to hang on to it after the contract ends. This is just one of the reasons you might want a Sim Only deal, and there are some really fantastic offers to be had. As you would expect, you are just getting the Sim Card and the pay monthly contract, so you need to consider the network you are on or have the handset unlocked to work with any network provider. We have reviewed all of the network providers and the Sim Free deals that they offer so you can be sure you are getting the best deal for your needs. 

Free Sim Cards

Many people are aware that you can get pay-as-you-go Sim cards free, but this can quickly become a false economy. It is the more expensive way to have a mobile phone and if you are in the market for a Sim Only deal then you are better off picking a contract option as these offer more in the way of data, talk time and texts which are the critical elements of a mobile phone contract. This gives you a monthly budget, and you will not have to remember to top up or run out at the most inconvenient moment, and you also get the Sim Card for free which is an added bonus. 

Sim Free deals work on the same basis as any contract deal, that is to say, you are committed for a period; usually, 12, 24 or 36 months, and are required to pay the monthly amount. Breaking the contract would come with a buyout price, so it is crucial to make sure you are getting the best value for money, and something that offers precisely what you need before signing up, which is where our reviews come in. 

Big Data Deals

The most expensive element of a mobile phone contract is the data element, and this is why pay-as-you-go can suddenly get very expensive, and you can find yourself topping up all the time. Big data deals are, therefore, the best way to cope with this extra demand on your money as the data allowance is massive, sometimes even unlimited. 

Data is used whenever the handset cannot find a WiFi network to connect to, the phone automatically switches to the 4G, soon to be 5G network in case you want to use the features of the phone. Making calls and sending regular texts does not come out of your data but, iMessages on iPhones, sending and receiving emails, apps, and any service that connects to the internet does. A big data deal makes it much harder for you to go over your allowance. 

Cheapest Pay Monthly Sim Cards

Data is one of the reasons we warn against just plumping for the cheapest pay monthly sim card deal you can find. Many contracts have unlimited talk and texts, but unless you are looking at a big data deal, you need to take care and make sure you have enough data to cover your lifestyle. The bonus of a pay monthly deal is that your handset never stops working, unlike pay-as-you-go. It can be really infuriating to take out a phone only to discover you cannot use it until you top up, so a contract phone definitely takes away that risk.
However, should you go over your allowance you will start accruing extra charges, the phone still works, but you might be in for a nasty surprise at the end of the month. So, have a look at the data allowances and read about the ways you can assess what you do need. Generally, if you use your handset out and about away from the WiFi a lot, you need to have a substantial amount, and you should allow for unusual periods of usage that may occur.  

EE Sim Only Deals

One of the network providers that offer SIM-free deals is EE, and they are the biggest network provider in the UK. One of the reasons is that they work hard to ensure they have good coverage maps, both for the signal needed to make calls, and the 4G coverage. They are also leading the charge on 5G development, testing and rollout. You will find plenty of deals on offer from EE, and you also get access to their great free network gifts with many of them. 

With certain pay monthly deals, you have access to one of their amazing subscription-based deals. You can choose one of the following as an extra thank you: an Apple Music subscription, an MTV Play subscription, a BT Sport subscription and other deals that change over time. They also have a great way of using your handset when you are abroad, so have a look at the reviews. 

O2 Sim Only Deals

You may prefer the deals offered by O2, and again there are some really interesting extras on offer to tempt you. It might be that your existing phone is on O2 and you are happy with the coverage and service they offer so rather than unlock the phone you can take advantage of a new contract deal with them. As well as enticing customers with free gifts, there are also lots of deals across all networks that offer cashback which is applied to your bill either automatically or once you claim it.

Other Networks

Of course, there are many other network providers, GiffGaff, PlusNet, Vodafone, and Three, to name a few. They all have different features on offer, and many piggyback off other coverage maps so you can be sure of a good signal. You will find coverage map checkers on their website so you can easily see what is going on where you live. Generally, in urban areas, all coverage is good; it is rural coverage that might have issues and is worth checking out. Again you will find that there are lots of free gifts to be had and these vary from streaming services to physical goods so have a good look before deciding.