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Google Pixel 5 Release Dates & Rumours

Google Pixel 5 Release Dates & Rumours. Keep up to date here with out recent rumours on the Google Pixel 5
Google are due to release their next flagship smartphone in Q4 2020. So far there have been no rumours or specs leaked. However with the camera megapixel war raging between Samsung and Huawei we would expect Google to up their game.

When will the Google Pixel 5 Be Released?

Google usually releases their phones in October every year and we expect this to be no different.

How much will the Pixel 5 cost?

Google tries to stay a little lower than Apple and Samsung when pricing their devices even though their phones often boast better technology. The Pixel 4 XL is currently priced at £669 on leading phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, with the Pixel 4 currently at the same price. We expect Google to keep the pricing lower than Apple and Samsung to make the new Google Pixel 5 more affordable at launch.

What's going to be different on the Google Pixel 5?

The Camera

We expect the camera to be improved adding in those ever important megapixels with an improved camera casing. Front Page Tech released this video on their Youtube channel claiming it to be the leaked prototypes of the Google Pixel 5.

It comes with its standard coloured power button and is tipped to receive a matt finish on the rear of the phone.

The Display

Google always launches 2 different sized displays and have done so since the Pixel was born. The Google Pixel 4XL has a 6.3 inch display and the Google Pixel 4 has a 5.7 inch display, we expect them to stay around the same size. Rumours have stated the bezel is staying which can be off putting to some consumers.

Samsung has pushed the boundary to a 120Hz refresh rate and it should be expected that Google will want to compete there too.

The Hardware

Google will have to step up a lot on the hardware to compete with Samsung’s latest s20 models. Rumours have circled that they will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor.

Storage wars are also raging with Samsung heavily improving with the S20. To compete Google will need a minimum of 128GB to bring them in line with leading handsets. Bumping up the Ram will also be essential?

Google will no doubt improve the battery capacity as other leading handsets can go from zero to 100%.

Google have not currently added a fingerprint sensor to unlock their devices, opting to go with facial recognition. With other leading handsets offering both you would expect them to follow suit.

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