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Huawei P30 Pro – Ultimate User Guide and Hidden Tricks

  • The Huawei P30 Pro offers some amazing features and some very useful "hidden" functions, we show you the most important tips & tricks for using the P30 Pro.
Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro
  • Double Tap to Wake the Phone
  • Deactivate HiTouch
  • Activating or Deactivating Dark Mode
  • Using Gestures Instead of Buttons for Navigation
  • Latest Best Selling Huawei P30 Pro Deals
  • Taking A Scroll Screen Shot
  • Hiding the Notch
  • Show Battery Charge as Percentage
  • Wireless Charging Other Smartphones
  • Set Notifications as Number
  • Sharing WiFi
  • Always on Display
  • Removing Apps from Memory
The Huawei P30 Pro impresses with a great design, long battery life, high performance and an amazing camera! To really get the most out of your new phone, here are the best tips and tricks for the Huawei P30 Pro.

Latest Best Selling Huawei P30 Pro Deals

Double Tap to Wake the Phone

To activate the screen using a double tap instead of the power button, activate the "Tap twice to activate" function under Settings - Intelligent support - Shortcuts and gestures - Activate screen. Here you can also set the display to come on when you lift it. Both are very practical in everyday life.

Deactivate HiTouch

Huawei integrates the HiTouch function in the P30 Pro - as in its predecessors. If you hold two fingers on the screen, HiTouch recognizes the content and shows you where you can buy the product that is currently on the screen. 

Huawei has significantly improved the function. In earlier handsets you couldn't do a two-finger zoom on Instagram without HiTouch reporting. But even today the function still triggers, which is annoying rather than helpful. HiTouch can be deactivated under Settings - Intelligent support - HiTouch.

Activating or Deactivating Dark Mode

You can darken many parts of the P30 Pro's user interface. Not only does it look better, it also has the advantage of being easy on the eyes and saving battery. After the change, the settings and the notification field are no longer white, but black. The "Dark Mode" can be found under Settings - Battery - Set surface colours darker.

Using Gestures Instead of Buttons for Navigation

The Huawei P30 Pro has three-button navigation set at the factory - in other words, standard navigation with the Back, Home and last apps buttons. At first, the gesture navigation is a bit unusual, but after a short time it is very simple and intuitive. 

The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen disappears. Swipe from the left or right edge of the screen to the center, it goes back one step. Swipe up from the bottom to open the home screen. Swipe up and hold your finger there for a short moment to go to the most recently used apps. To activate the gestures, go to Settings - System - System Navigation.

Taking A Scroll Screen Shot

To take a screenshot on the Huawei P30 Pro, press the volume down and power buttons at the same time. A preview appears at the bottom left of the screen. If you are in a chat or on a website that is scrollable downwards, you can even take a screenshot of the entire content. Simply drag the screenshot preview down. Swipe it left or right and it will disappear. And swipe it up, you can share the screenshot directly.

Hiding the Notch

The notch in the P30 Pro is comparatively small because only the front camera protrudes into the display. If the notch still bothers you, you can hide it. Then a black bar appears at the top, which also contains the status display and notifications. You can hide the notch under Settings - Display - Other display settings - Notch.

You can also customize the notch for each app. To do this, tap Custom in the Notch settings under Standard and then determine which app shows or hides the Notch.

Show Battery Charge as Percentage

The battery status is shown in the status bar on factory settings. You can change this under Settings - Battery - Battery charge in% - you can either completely remove the percentage display or integrate it into the battery symbol.

Wireless Charging Other Smartphones

The Huawei P30 Pro can wirelessly charge other devices that support the Qi standard. All you must do is activate Reverse charging without cables under Settings - Battery and place the device to be charged on the back of your P30 Pro. If the function is no longer used, it switches itself off after a short time.

Set Notifications as Number

By default, apps use a small dot in the app icon to indicate that a notification or message has been received. But not how many. For the P30 Pro to display the number of messages, under Settings - Notifications - Emblem for app icons, tap on Emblem display mode and set Unread messages.

Sharing WiFi

If you connect a Huawei P30 Pro to a network via WLAN, you can display a QR code on your cell phone so that other smartphones can also connect to this network immediately without entering a password. To do this, pull down the notification field under hold the WLAN symbol in the top left. This will take you to the WLAN settings. If you tap on the connected network, a QR code will appear. Now users scan it with their mobile phone and are immediately connected.

Another very cool feature is Wi-Fi Bridge, which you can find under Settings - Wireless & networks - Personal hotspot - More. If you activate this function, you can share the connected WLAN with up to four other devices. This can be particularly helpful if, for example, you are in a paid WLAN such as a hotel.

Always on Display

Thanks to its always-on display, the Huawei P30 Pro can display important functions such as time, battery charge and notifications on the switched-off display. To do this, always activate the display under Settings - Start screen & background. Here you can now also set that the screen should go out at night, for example, otherwise the light can be annoying.

Removing Apps from Memory

You can quickly switch between several applications using recently used apps. For this purpose, the apps are all in the working memory. To free up space, go to the recently used apps and tap the trash can icon. To exclude certain apps from being "deleted", pull the app down briefly. A lock symbol appears above the app, which locks it and does not remove it from RAM.