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IOS 14 is Coming: What We Know So Far

  • Every year, Apple releases a new software update in the form of the latest version of iOS. We assume this will be called iOS 14 this year as they have never deviated from their naming convention.
iOS 14
iOS 14
In order to be released the software has already been in beta testing for some time, and this means the inevitable leaks have started to happen. Historically Apple offers a preview at WWDC, which takes place in June. 

Apple has just announced this week that this will go ahead as planned, but become an online only, virtual event this year due to the pandemic. There is no reason why this would change their release schedule, and this would see a public release beginning in September. 

Traditionally, once the beta version is debuted at the conference it becomes open to developers for testing. This means that they can make tweaks needed to their own apps in order to ensure they remain compatible. After this it is opened up to the public beta testing group. Anyone can join this group all you have to do is register, and information can easily be found online. 

The only caveat being that potentially a beta version of software is not stable, and you may experience problems with your handset ,so if it is your only or main phone it may not be a good idea. 
Expected Upgrades:

Messaging App

It seems messages will receive an update in order to perform more like the Slack platform. This means you will have the ability to retract messages, removing them for everyone in the chat (although it will show in the chat transcripts that a message was removed). It also means you can mention people using the @ tag. In an upgrade to group messaging once the conversation has been muted you can opt to receive notifications when you are mentioned directly using this @ tag. 

Fitness App 

it is expected we will see a proprietary Apple fitness app, available for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV. This will allow users to track their fitness progress but will also provide access to the workout videos and fitness programmes needed. It is believed the workouts will cover many different forms, including walking outside, stretching, core strength, running indoors, cycling, rowing and more.

Apple Pencil

A new feature called PencilKit is in development, this enables users  to write using the pencil in any input field. Whatever you hand write will immediately be converted to standard text. So, you could write your text messages using the Apple pencil and handwriting, but the message will be sent and appear to the recipient as a normal text. It will work with any proprietary app that has text input fields, so not only messages but reminders, mail, notes and more. 

iPad OS 14 

Last year, Apple made the decision to create iPad OS specifically for their iPads. Until then they worked on the same iOS as mobiles, but there were enough differences between the two that it was better for the company to launch two products. Therefore, we should also see iPad iOS 14 unveiled at the same time and this will provide upgrades and better features for users of the iPad.