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Californian based tech giants Apple are one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers and has a massive following all around the world. Famous scenes of customers queuing around the block to get their hands on the latest release as soon as possible demonstrate just how popular they are. Their iOS operating system is the biggest rival to the Android phone, and even though more manufacturers use Android, Apple fans are firm in their belief that it is the superior OS and they would not trade. 

iPhone has stuck firm with their naming convention over the years, never breaking from the iPhone prefix, just increasing in number, with a couple of exceptions where X replaced what should have been 9 and XS replaced 10. The only other deviation is their cut-down handset the SR which has had three incarnations over the years and has now been usurped by the XR which had a similar concept. However, there are rumours of another SE; the SE2 will also be launched in 2020. 

iPhone 11 Deals

There are three handsets on offer in the latest iPhone 11 range; these are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max each stepping up in specification with something different to offer. At the top of the range, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is an in-demand handset that has the latest A13 processor and a triple rear camera. It is also the biggest in the range with an impressive 6.5-inch screen appealing to the trend for larger handsets. In the middle, the iPhone 11 Pro is actually physically the smallest in the range under 6 inches measuring 5.8 inches. 

It has pretty much the same spec as its big brother with the same camera arrangement, processor and construction. The iPhone 11 is the lower spec or cut down as they like to term it, and this has the midsize 6.1-inch screen which follows the same path as the iPhone XR and has the same dual-lens camera. There are loads of great iPhone 11 deals available, and you will find a comprehensive review of each handset here on the site. 

iPhone XS Deals

In 2018 the XS duo of little brother and big brother released alongside the cut-down version the XR. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have the higher specs, and again one of the primary differences between the two is the size. The XS is the smaller handset and measures 5.8 inches the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone XS Max is the larger 6.5 inches echoing the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These handsets feature wireless charging and have the same dual camera on the rear with a 12 MP primary lens. 

They also have the A12 Bionic chip with second-generation Neural Engine, making them powerful handsets. Wireless charging is available with this incarnation, but you have to purchase a wireless charging mat/cradle separately. When a new range is introduced, all other handsets drop in price, so the iPhone XS combination is in higher demand than ever. 

iPhone XR Deals

From the start, the iPhone XR was marketed as a cut-down handset and as such offers a little more fun than the more serious-looking XS handsets released at the same time. It has a range of bright colours including red, yellow, blue and coral as well as the more traditional black or white options. For a cut-down, it is actually pretty impressive and is not too far off the spec of the handsets released with it.

There is only a single camera, but it has the same A12 processor which is pretty hefty. Size-wise it sits between the two XS models at 6.1 inches, making it popular with teens and younger people who enjoy online gaming and streaming but don’t quite have the budget for the higher-spec handsets. It is still a very popular handset, and there are some seriously good deals to be hand with this phone. 

iPhone X Deals

The iPhone X was something of a talking point as it was released out of sequence and seemingly quite randomly. The public was expecting and speculating about the iPhone 9, which never actually happened. Instead, Apple dropped the iPhone X, which was the first time they deviated from the original design of having the central button and changed to an infinity screen. 

It was the second time wireless charging had been used on the iPhones, and this was a concept handset that went down well. The iPhone X has the A11 processor which also features the first outing of the neural engine. On the rear, there is a dual camera with 12MP and on the front a TrueDepth 7MP selfie camera. It is the handset that caught Apple up to the trend for infinity screens and therefore is a popular alternative that has decreased in price with other new arrivals and represents longevity and pocket-friendly pricing. 

iPhone SE Deals

The iPhone SE is something of a special case and was first released in 2016, with the same handset receiving internal upgrades in 2017 and 2018. The casing remains the same, and this was deliberately designed to be a cut-down. The reason that the SE is still in circulation even though the XR has a similar purpose is the size difference. It is a tiny handset designed to appeal to those who do not like the trend for handsets increasing in size. Phablet style handsets are not for everyone, and the SE is a diminutive 4 inches making it much smaller than anything else offered in the newer ranges. 

It is a wired-only charging handset and features a more basic chipset and the A9 processor. It is still a hugely popular handset that attracts a lot of attention, with a single rear camera that has a 12MP camera. There is no facial recognition, but there is a fingerprint under the centre button, it is offered in a few colours with the back panel always different from the top and bottom framing. Still, in demand, you will find a range of great deals for the iPhone SE, and fans will be waiting eagerly to see if 2020 is indeed the year Apple releases the SE2.

iPhone 8 Deals

One of the reasons Apple is so popular is because their handsets have such a long life. Although now only sold second hand the iPhone 4 is still a perfectly usable handset. So scroll forward for generations more, and it is little wonder the iPhone 8 is always in demand. There are two handsets in the range, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8. Plus used to be the favoured term for the larger of the two phones but this was the last time it was used before Max replaced it. 

The iPhone 8 series was the first to feature wireless charging, but the design was still very much classic iPhone with the framed screen top and bottom and the central button with fingerprint recognition. They were generally smaller handsets, so the Plus measures 5.5 inches and the iPhone 8 is smaller at 4.7 inches. The plus features a dual rear camera while there is just one on the iPhone 8 and once more they are the favoured 12 MP. There are stunning deals available on this range. 

iPhone 7 Deals

iPhone 7 is another series that features two handsets, and these feature the A10 fusion processor. The iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inches, and the iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches making these the same as the iPhone 8 series. These handsets are cable only charging and have fingerprint recognition under the centre button. 

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also feature the same camera array with a dual-lens 12 MP camera on the iPhone 7 Plus and a single 12MP lens on the iPhone 7. Again the future-proofing installed by Apple is really impressive and therefore you will still find some really great deals on offer when it comes to the iPhone 7 range. Don’t forget to check out our full review to learn more about the range. 

iPhone 6s Deals

First, there was the iPhone 6 series and then came the iPhone 6s series. It is not the first time they have used the s suffix; it was also used in the iPhone 5 range where there was also a 5c. The iPhone 6s is probably the earliest model you will find listed with retailers, and it is still a really powerful handset that has a lot to offer. It has a single 12MP camera on both the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus and has the same A9 chip as the SE handset. 

There is fingerprint recognition and loads of really great features. The iPhone Plus measures the favoured 5.5 inches for the era, and the iPhone 6s is the same as the others at 4.7 inches. These are significantly smaller than the newer incarnations and another reason why they remain so popular as not all users like the more significant style handsets.