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iPhone 11 Setup Tips & User Guide

The iPhone 11 comes with lots of features that consumers often don't know about, or how to use them. Check out our tips and tricks for setting up the iPhone 11. From night mode to taking slofies our guide has got you covered.
iPhone 11 Guide
  • Setting up the iPhone 11
  • Step by Step guide to setting up the iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Camera Tips
  • Taking Slofies
  • QuickTake Videos
  • Deep Fusion
  • What is Haptic Touch?
  • Moving Apps on the iPhone 11
  • Face Recognition on the iPhone 11
  • Fast Charging

Setting up the iPhone 11

Setting up iPhone 11 is simple. Transferring data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 11 is autonomous. If your old iPhone has iOS 12.4 or later installed then put the phones together and the new iPhone will transfer the data wirelessly, this works completely wirelessly via the quick start function and without prior iCloud backup. The only requirement is a stable WiFi connection and you can start setting up your iPhone 11.

Step by Step guide to setting up the iPhone 11

  1. Turn on both smartphones and supply them with power.
  2. Hold your new iPhone 11 up to your current model until you can see the quick start screen on the latter.
  3. Enter your Apple ID on your new iPhone and tap Next. If you are unable to continue, check that Bluetooth is enabled on your old model.
  4. As soon as you see an animation on your new iPhone 11, hold your old model over the new one and focus the animation in the viewfinder. If you can't use the camera, tap Authenticate manually and follow the instructions.
  5. Wait until Complete on the new iPhone is displayed.
  6. Enter the code from your current iPhone on the new one when prompted.
  7. Set up Face ID and Touch ID as instructed.
  8. Tap Transfer Data from iPhone. In addition to photos, other media and apps, you can also transfer settings (e.g. for Apple Pay or Siri) to your new iPhone 11.
  9. If you have an Apple Watch, you will be asked whether you also want to transfer the data and settings on it.

iPhone 11 Camera Tips

Night Mode

The new night mode promises better pictures in poor lighting conditions. It is activated automatically when the standard camera (1x) is used in low light and can be recognized by the yellow crescent moon emblem on the top left of the screen.

If you tap the shutter release in night mode, the camera takes several single pictures without a flash. The camera software optimizes this and compiles the finished image from the best areas.

Hold the camera as steady as possible, even if the optical image stabilizer ensures that small wobbles are automatically corrected. The night mode is not really suitable for moving images due to the longer exposure time.

You can see how many seconds are likely to be needed for the exposure of the image next to the moon symbol. If you want to expose longer or shorter, you can determine the exposure time yourself by tapping on the moon and selecting the desired time.

If the moon is gray and not yellow, you can set the night mode manually. However, if the lighting conditions are not poor, it is not available.

The night mode cannot be switched off permanently either. If you don't want to use it, you have to tap on the crescent moon each time you take a picture and select Off for the time.

You cannot use night mode with the ultra-wide-angle or front camera of the iPhone 11. It is also not supported by the additional telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro (Max).

Taking Slofies

These are nothing more than selfies in slow motion - i.e. videos with approx. 120 frames per second that are played back much more slowly. And you do it with your iPhone 11 front camera as follows:

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Change from the rear to the front camera
  3. Select Slo-Mo in the camera modes by swiping
  4. Press the shutter button or the volume up or down button to start and stop recording.
  5. You can find the video made in this way in the Photos app.

QuickTake Videos

To record videos without leaving photo mode, the iPhone 11 camera has the following trick ready:

Just hold down the shutter button and you'll record a video instead of a photo. If you let go of the shutter button, you end the recording.

If you don't want to keep the shutter button pressed during the entire video recording, you can swipe to the right from the shutter button and virtually lock the recording. It continues until you tap the shutter button again and you can take still photos using the now existing white button.

Deep Fusion

The iPhone 11 can also use Deep Fusion from software version iOS 13.2. Deep Fusion is a photo feature that works in the background. More precisely, an image processing system that, thanks to the A13 bionic chip built into the iPhone 11, should ensure even better images. Machine learning processes photos pixel by pixel and optimizes texture, details and noise in every part of the photo.

By default, this feature is turned off, but you can easily activate Deep Fusion:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Go to camera
  3. Turn off outside of the frame photos

Once activated, Deep Fusion is automatically used on the iPhone 11 with the standard wide-angle camera in dimly lit or dark surroundings. In bright surroundings, the standard camera uses Smart HDR as does the ultra-wide angle camera in general.

The additional telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro (Max) almost always uses Deep Fusion and only uses Smart HDR in very bright surroundings.

What is Haptic Touch?

With the iPhone 11, the 3D Touch is now giving way to the Haptic Touch. With the 3D Touch you had to press apps with different intensity to activate additional control options, with the Haptic Touch you only need to tap the respective icon and hold it down for a longer period of time. Depending on the app, widget previews or additional menus will open.

Moving Apps on the iPhone 11

If you hold down a little longer, the apps start to wobble as usual and you can move or delete them. You don't really have to wait that long if you want to rearrange apps.

The iPhone 11 offers a shortcut to the usual process by simply tapping the app and dragging it with your finger to where you want it in one go. Confirm with Done at the top right of the notch - and you're done.

Face Recognition on the iPhone 11

Face ID can now identify you as the owner of your iPhone 11 around 30 percent faster and from several angles. You no longer have to hold your iPhone head-on in front of your face.

Fast Charging

Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro (Max) can be charged quickly. While the latter comes with a matching 18-watt power adapter and can be charged halfway in just half an hour, you have to buy it additionally for the iPhone 11.