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iPhone 12 Mini Will Have Worse Battery Life than The iPhone 11

Rumours around the iPhone 12 Leaked by Pinewood confirm the battery life on the iPhone 12 will be worse that the iPhone 11.
Apple Launch
On Tuesday the 13th of October Apple will officially present its new smartphones. Although a lot has already leaked about the iPhone 12, there is still a last-minute leak.

The source is PineLeaks and relies on finalized Apple information on the iPhone 12. Accordingly, both the quality of the optical and digital zoom will be better on the new iPhone's.

This is mainly achieved through improvements in the software. The normal iPhone 12 should only have a digital zoom, but it should offer more image quality and zoom factor than the iPhone 11.

With the iPhone 12 Pro, the night mode should also be usable with the zoom lens. In addition, it should get a digital zoom between 25x and 30x. This is intended to combine image sections with different zoom levels, both digitally and optically, in order to achieve the best possible quality.

More powerful ultra-wide-angle camera

The ultra-wide-angle camera of the iPhone 12 models should be brighter than that of the iPhone 11 variants. This is primarily intended to improve the image quality in low light.

Bigger and smaller battery

According to PineLeaks, the iPhone 12 Pro has a 10 percent larger battery than the iPhone 11 Pro. This should provide an additional hour of running time.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 12 Mini works in the other direction. Allegedly, Apple's internal tests have shown that the battery life is shorter than the iPhone 11. This is due to the more compact design. The iPhone 12 Mini should have a display diagonal of 5.4 inches and is therefore smaller than the iPhone 11 with 6.1 inches. That's why the built-in battery is a bit smaller.