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Top Tips for Using your iPhone 11 Camera

Apple are not currently known for leading the camera phone market with other handsets now having 100 megapixels plus. They do focus on their software though, learning how to use your iPhone 11 Camera is essential for any budding photographer.

Take lots of quick photos at once

Taking lots of photos at once can help you get the perfect picture. Drag the shutter over to the camera roll to take lots of photos quickly.

Capturing videos quickly

This is the same as above, drag the shutter button over to the camera switcher and it will automatically start capturing your video.

Go to settings quickly

After taking your photo you can quickly access photo settings by swiping up above the shutter button. This gives you a row of options like live filters, setting a timer and switching the flash on and off.

Taking Slofies

Apple coined the term Slofie. Simply put it's a short slow motion video. To take a slofie go to the camera app and switch to Slow Mo. Then tap the camera icon to switch to the selfie cam and press record to get the perfect Slofie.

Switching from ultrawide, wide & zoom

You have the option of two and three cameras on the rear camera setup. Hit the 1x icon and swipe up and down until you have the perfect focus for your camera.

Taking night time photos

Apple has made this simple. The iPhone 11 detects when it's dark and automatically offers you the option for night mode shot. The icon looks like a small shaded circle. Tap that icon and you are ready to shoot in night mode.

Make portraits amazing

Portraits on smartphones have quickly evolved to be as good as having your own personal photographer. Press on the camera icon and choose portrait mode. Tap and hold the frame and slide the natural lighting filter up and down until you have the perfect shot.

How to shoot a live photo

Shooting live photos gives you a photo with edge and action. Simply open up in photo mode and then tap the icons that look like three rings. Once its yellow then live photos are active.

Changing camera modes quickly

Switching between camera modes is quick and simple, long press the camera icon and choose from take picture, take portrait, take selfie and record video.

Fixing wonky photos

Some people struggle to take straight pictures. This can be fixed using the iPhone 11’s cropping and editing tools. Go to photos, then to edit and you can move the dial that appears on the device to straighten the photo.

Using timer mode

Setting up that long shot when you’re on your own requires using the timer. Go to the camera app and select the icon that looks like a stopwatch. Choose from 3 to 10 seconds and set the timer and take your photo.