Best LG mobile Phone Deals

Over the years, the LG share of the market has decreased slightly, but it is fair to say that this is because they have been concentrating on quality over quantity. At any one time, there are at least two or three handsets on the market that are able to compete with the more significant and more prolific manufacturers. Their reputation is reliable, and they have been around for one of the most extended times watching others come and go. 

The company also has other branches in multimedia and makes a range of other products. When it comes to phones, they seem to be very in tune with what the users want, and they have a unique style of their own that seems to be uninfluenced by what their competitors are doing. Instead they focus on quality solutions designed to offer customers the best in mobile phones and because of this they have a loyal following and are still discovered by new customers. 

LG G6 Deals

The LG G6 has a framed screen, that is to say, there is a full bezel around all sides, which is wider at the top and bottom. Along the top bezel, you will find the housing for the front-facing camera as well as a speaker grille. The overall look is good, and this is a glass front and back with aluminium frame offering, which gives a nice weight and feel that you do not get in the same way with plastic casings. On the rear, there is a dual camera with two 13MP lenses, and on the front, there is a single 5MP lens. 

This handset sits in the midrange and is perfect for users who have no interest in things like mobile gaming and streaming television or films. It is a smaller size and measures 5.7 inches which again appeals to a broad section of the market who do not like larger handsets. 

LG G7 ThinQ Deals

If you are looking for a handset that offers a solid Android performance, then the LG G7 ThinQ is undoubtedly worth a look. There are no bezels on this handset but a thin frame along the bottom and across the top a front-facing camera housing that sits neatly in the middle of the screen and does not detract from the overall look. It has been designed with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 front, and back panel held together with an aluminium frame for that high-end feel. 

Sticking with the camera format you have an upgraded dual 16MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera, and these are perfect for capturing some great shots, you can also record video in more than one format so keeping a record of your day is easy. They have worked hard on the visuals and it features Dolby Vision, HDR10 and an always-on display; the size makes it a good candidate for streaming movies on the go or playing games online. 

LG V50 ThinQ 5G Deals

If you happened to miss the updates that are happening, 4G is being replaced by 5G, which will be faster and more efficient, covering more of the UK and allowing more users to connect simultaneously. The new 5G will require a particular modem, so handsets are beginning to flood the market that are set up ready to go. A 5G ready handset will work on the 4G network until the transition occurs, and it will then be seamless. 

Without an enabled handset you will remain on the 4G network, so getting prepared is advisable, and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G is a cracking handset that will keep you ahead of the game. It is one of their premium handsets and features a stunning infinity style screen that offers a vivid and true to life display perfect for watching films. Being 6.4 inches also makes this an ideal choice for people who partake in online games, so it will appeal to a wide range of users. There are some great deals to be hand including big data deals and free gifts so have a look at the V50 ThinQ 5G now. 

LG Q6 Deals

While the premium handsets tend to feature all-glass designs, this is not always the most practical solution if you have a job that takes you out and about a lot, or for kids getting their first phones. Glass handsets are seriously expensive to repair when smashed and it is a real inconvenience so most manufacturers tend to offer a plastic case alternative as these are more durable and can survive more knocks and drops. 

The LG Q6 has a plastic back which gives it that quality and makes it popular among users. It is a good looking phone with a bezel top and bottom, housing the front-facing camera and the speaker sets ups. There is a single 13MP rear camera, and the selfie shooter is 5MP, that might not set the world on fire, but of course, there is no point paying for features you don’t use, and the camera is perfect for capturing basic everyday memories. 

LG Sim Free Deals

There are plenty of LG handsets available, and you will find that most retailers will offer these as Sim Free or contract deals. When it comes to getting a handset Sim Free, you will have to pay the full value of the phone upfront, and LG has a vast range of inexpensive handsets that offer a solid performance making it a bit more affordable. 

If you choose a pay monthly contract, you can expect to find some really awesome deals and not have to pay more than £10-20 a month, which is probably a lot less than many pay-as-you-go users spend. This also opens the door for some fantastic free gifts, from free streaming services like BT Sport or Apple Music to games consoles, headphones and more. You may also benefit from a cash back deal which can either be automatic or claimed but don’t worry the full terms will be explained on purchase so you can get the benefit as it is offered.

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