Best OnePlus Mobile Phone Deals

OnePlus is a Chinese phone manufacturer that has been around since 2013. They have broken into the market in several different countries all over the world thanks to the fantastic range of handsets that they offer. OnePlus has been making some great handsets in that time and look to push the market whenever they can with devices that are crammed with technology and have some of the best designs on the planet. 

Whilst initially their phones were only available to invited customers then helped to build the prestige of having such a device. The popularity of the phones has enabled the company to grow to the point that they are able to compete with some of the biggest in the games. These phones are packed with the latest technology and have some amazing cameras that make them hugely popular. Due to the background and supply chain that OnePlus has along with its part-owner Oppo then they are able to bring some great phones to the market without having to charge premium prices for them. This means that consumers can get their hands on some of the best-of-brand mobile devices at an affordable price. 

OnePlus 6T Deals

The OnePlus 6T is a fantastic handset that is available at a great price point. Featuring options with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, there is 128GB of built-in storage. The phone is available in a stunning Mirror Black finish along with a Midnight Black finish that just oozes high quality. The phone was one of the first by OnePlus to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader. The phone fits comfortably into the hand and is easy to use. 

The display is a huge 6.41inches of AMOLED glory and only has a small cut-out at the top which keeps the visibility and design high. Whilst the phone doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack built-in it does come with a USB-c to 3.5 mm converter in the box so you are still able to use your wired headphones. There are some fantastic deals available on this handset along with some amazing data packaged and free gifts when you buy the phone so you will be sure to find something that is right for you. 

OnePlus 7 Deals

Whilst the OnePlus 7 might be the ‘baby brother’ of the current wave of handsets from OnePlus this one has a lot in common with the more expensive models that OnePlus are producing. This one comes in either a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage option, or an upgraded 8GB RAM and 256GB storage option. The OnePlus 7 owes a lot of its design influences to the previous OnePlus 6T model. It features the same 6.41 AMOLED screen as the predecessor with the same notch cut out that was present on the 6T, but this was a fantastic screen, so this is a bonus. 

The dewdrop notch houses a 16MP Selfie Camera that is perfect for every occasion. This also features an in-screen fingerprint reader though this has been improved markedly by OnePlus which makes it much easier to use. If that isn’t good enough for you it also features the OnePlus face unlock technology which makes it even quicker to unlock. Under the hood, there is a snapdragon 855 processor which keeps everything moving at a fair speed and makes the phone responsive to use. This phone was designed under the philosophy of fast and smooth and that comes through in everything that you do with the device.

OnePlus 7 Pro Deals

This OnePlus 7 Pro that outshines the previous 6T in a lot of different ways. The first thing you will notice about it is the impressive 6.67-inch display that sports an amazing 90hz resolution. This means that images are super crisp and clear and look stunning. You will also notice that they have done away with the dewdrop notch and that the screen is whole and complete. This might leave you wondering where the selfie camera is. Activating it soon reveals it as it pops out from the top of the phone in order to take some 16MP selfie goodness. 

The front camera is not the only camera that has seen work as the rear camera has been vastly upgraded as well and now features an amazing triple lens arrangement with a 48MP, 16MP and 8MP lens. The screen also boasts a huge 19.5:9 ratio with an HDR10+ resolution. Under the hood is the powerful Snapdragon 855 processor that is powered by an amazing 4,000mAh battery to give it all-day battery life. You get up to 256GB of built-in storage along with up to 12GB of RAM that is more than you could need. All together this makes for one stunning phone. All that and it is at a stunning price point on some amazing deals. 

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Deals

The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G was the first 5G handset released to the UK market, which makes it a gold medal winner in a lot of ways. This means that you get one of the best phones that OnePlus makes on the fastest network available in the UK. The handset is pretty much unchanged from the 4G version above. This means that you get the same amazing 6.67-inch display that is housed in an all-screen front as there is no notch or cutout for the selfie camera. 

There is still the same pop-up selfie camera on this one as the 4G model which provides a real wow factor when you are using the phone. Whilst the 4G model came with several options for RAM and Storage this is only available in one. You get 8GB of RAM along with 256GB of storage, but with the blisteringly fast speeds of 5G available which is coming to more parts of the UK all the time then you won’t need to store anything on the phone you can keep it all in the cloud. There are some fantastic deals available on the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G which includes data bundles for the superfast 5G network, so if you want to join the revolution then get in touch with us.