OnePlus 7 Deals

Getting a new phone is always challenging as there are so many handsets on the market; new manufacturers seem to be popping up all of the time. OnePlus is a Chinese company that is offering stunning handsets at a very reasonable cost and is proving popular with the UK market. They offer some innovation within their phones, and the OnePlus 7 is targeted towards gamers and those who like to stream movies and television on their handset.

However, this is far from limited, and there will be plenty of other groups of mobile phone users who equally find this the perfect handset for them. It offers a good size 6.41-inch display, which does give it a really true to life performance. The front-facing camera has a neat pinhole design, so it doesn’t impact on the overall viewing area of the phone. It sits in the most popular size category, so there is little wonder that it is attracting a lot of attention. If you would like to learn more about what this handset offers have a look at our comprehensive review will you be able to compare it with many others in the same price range and see what suits you best.

OnePlus 7 Contract Offer

Once you’ve picked the perfect handset, you then need to find the best contract offer, and this is also a little mind-blowing as there are so many to choose from. A good place to start is by checking the network coverage offered by providers there are actually only for UK networks who own the equipment et cetera, and these are EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. So the first thing to do is establish which one of those offers the best signal strength in your area and any area you visit regularly. Every other network provider buys space from one of these, and it is easy to find out which one.

Then you know which providers to have a look at, and it makes no difference that some providers do not own the equipment, they still have some really good offers and are undoubtedly worth a look. The next thing to do is have a look at your talk time and text allowance, it is becoming increasingly common to find this offered on an unlimited basis, and this is always a good deal if you can get it. Generally, it doesn’t actually cost that much more than a capped deal, but you lose the risk of ever going over your allowance and ending up with extra charges. You will find that generally caused a premium rate phone numbers or text lines are not covered by any allowance with any network; this is just something you have to accept paying for separately.

OnePlus 7 Big Data Deals

Next, you need to look at data, and this generally has a capped allowance at varying rates, with the more data you need equalling a more expensive contract. So, you need to understand what uses data and how this will impact on what you do with your phone. Data is used when the phone is displaying 40 or 5G, and even when you are not actively using the phone, there will be processes running in the background using a small amount of data. Things like updating your email account for locating you on mapping services.

If you are then going to use your hands out to do more significant things like stream movies or music that is not stored on your handset, or use your phone to connect other devices to the Internet as a hotspot you will need significantly more data. The way we use mobile phones has changed, which has increased the overall demand for data so big data deals have been introduced which brings large quantities at more reasonable prices. By ensuring you have enough data to meet your needs, you can avoid having to pay any extra charges at the end of the month. 

OnePlus 7 Cheapest Deals

So, when it comes to getting the best contract for you, there is no point looking at deals that do not offer enough data. All that would happen then if you would end up paying extra charges and it would not be as affordable as you thought. It is better to over purchase data, and have slightly too much than sail close to the wire and get penalised. Some companies do allow unused data to be rolled over to the next month, whereas others simply reset the counter and start again, so it is worth checking before you sign up. You can also negotiate a better deal with things like cashback, and this is widely offered across many different providers.

The idea is that you are put on a higher value contract at a lower monthly cost, and the cashback makes up the difference. It is not money you can actually have for any other purpose; it is simply to adjust the account. Automatic cashback is dealt with by the network, and you do not have to get involved, but occasionally the cashback needs to be cleaned by the user and failure to do so would mean you wouldn’t actually get the benefit.

OnePlus 7 Sim Free Deals

The other way to get a new handset is to purchase it on a Sim free basis, which means you are just buying the phone with no Sim card or contract. For some people, pay-as-you-go is the way they prefer to operate their mobile phone, and this is the perfect way to get a new handset.

You pay for the phone at retail value, but remember this is a competitive market so you will still find a range of deals on offer as the networks and mobile phone retailers compete to get your business. In a lot of cases pay-as-you-go can work out more expensively, so it is worth checking to see if you can get a payment for the deal for the same rate or less.