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Three Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Dual Sim (128GB Onyx Black) 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Dual Sim
    (128GB Onyx Black) 5G
  • ThreeviaThree
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Dual Sim
    (128GB Onyx Black) 5G
  • Upfront costFree
  • Total cost£2328.00
  • Contract length24 months
  • Unlimited data
  • £97.00 per month
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Best Xiaomi Mobile Phone Deals

Xiaomi is a popular Chinese entertainment manufacturer that has been producing devices such as mobile phones as well as laptops, apps and other devices. After Apple, Samsung and Huawei they are only the fourth manufacturer to produce their own mobile phone chips. 

The etymology of the name Xiaomi speaks to their ethos. Whilst Xiaomi is the Chinese word for millet, the Xiao part has been likened to the Buddhist mantra of ‘from the smallest grain of rice, mountains are formed’ which suggests that Xiaomi wants to work by building things from the smallest of details rather than striving for perfection. Xiaomi aims to sell phones at close to ‘bill-of-materials’ prices. 

This means that their phones are often the cheapest around without compromising in quality. Therefore they seek to make their money by selling services or accessories to go along with your mobile phone. What all of this means is that you get some absolutely fantastic phones without having to break the bank. The company models itself on the likes of Apple, and hence puts quality over everything else. 

Xiaomi Mi 9 Deals

This is a fantastic jack-of-all-trades phone that sits at the mid-range of the Xiaomi range which makes it a very cheap proposition for people looking to get themselves a quality handset without breaking the bank. It has a powerful processor, a great camera setup and an impressive 20W fast charging rate. The Mi 9 has a slightly curved rear which makes it sit nicely in the hand. The front sports a 6.39-inch display that is capable of displaying a Full HD+ resolution of 2340x1080 which makes it perfect for watching videos and multimedia content on. 

The front screen has only a minimal notch at the top for a selfie camera, which keeps the screen the main focus of the device. Buttons are kept to a minimum with a dedicated Google Assistant button on the left and power and a volume rocker on the right. The bottom just has a USB-C port for charging and no 3.5mm headphone jack. The camera is one of the best features of this device with a triple-lens set up sporting 48MP, 16MP and 12MP lenses. These combine to create some stunning phones and these are complemented by the front-facing 20MP Selfie camera. We have some of the best deals and amazing free gifts available on this device.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Deals

The Mi 9 SE is the baby brother to the Mi 9 above. It is a smaller, more compact version of the Mi 9, and hence is placed at a much more competitive price point. The Mi 9 SE phone features the same amazing triple lens set up as the Mi 9 though the pixel count is a little reduced with a 13MP and an 8MP sensor sitting alongside the 48MP one. This will still give you some stunning high-quality photos no matter the conditions in which you are taking them. You get a 5.97-inch AMOLED display along with a slightly smaller battery and a slightly less powerful chipset which all goes to help keep the cost of the device down so that it is more affordable than ever before. 

You still get a fantastic phone for the money and this is true to the Xiaomi ethos of affordable quality. The battery will keep you going all day, and the phone will still be performing well for you. We have some amazing quality deals available on this phone, along with some of the best data bundles around. You will be sure to have an amazing device with a quality selection of free gifts when you get one of these handsets. 

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Deals

This is a phone that is just stunning to look at. It features an amazing full-screen display with no notch or cut out. Instead, the selfie camera is exposed by sliding the screen down to reveal it behind. It moves on a magnetic slider and locks into place with a satisfying click and a buzz which is a little like you have made an achievement and won a prize each time you do it. The display itself is a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Full HD+ screen with amazing clarity and colour. To the rear, you will find dual 12MP camera lens, along with optical zoom and wireless charging out of the box. 

The phone comes in a number configurations but the most common is the 6Gb RAM and 128Gb storage model which is comparable in price to the Mi 9 SE above. The rear of the phone is a fantastic shiny ceramic which looks stunning but might well be a magnet for fingerprints. One thing to bear in mind with this phone is that it is not waterproof, so unlike the higher end devices of Apple and Samsung you need to take more care with this one, but the value of this phone means that you will be less worried about that. 

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Deals

The Mi 9T Pro is a great top of the line phone that sits just below the flagship Mi 9 in the pantheon of Xiaomi mobile devices. It features an upgrade in the processor with the flagship SnapDragon 855 giving it some real beef behind the scenes. It also features an amazing pop-up selfie camera to go alongside a top quality 6.39-inch screen which is, of course, complete with no notch. The phone feels good in the hand and it has an in-display fingerprint sensor which means the back feels uncluttered. The selfie camera can also be used for unlocking though as well if you don’t want to use the fingerprint reader. The design is elegant and typical for the style you get with Xiaomi phones. 

The rear camera housing doesn’t protrude much and if you are using a case you won’t notice it in the slightest. The buttons on the side of the phone are red in contrast to the black for the rest of the phone, but this just adds a touch of class to the phone and makes them easier to find. This phone is available with a huge range of amazing deals and can be found with some of the best free gifts around as well.