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Capacity: 256GB


Colour: Grey

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Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Specification

  • Capacity
  • 256GB
  • Battery
  • Up to 40 hours
  • Camera
  • 108 MP
  • Screen Size
  • 6.6" in
  • SIM Type Nano SIM
  • Internal memory 256GB
  • Cellular support 2G 3G 4G
  • Maximum Talk-time Up to 40 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.1 with A2DP, LE, aptX
  • GPS A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS
  • Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Weatherproofing / IP Rating Not rated
  • Operating System Android 10
  • Colour GREY
  • Weight (grams) 208
  • Memory card slot None
  • Processor 1x2.84 GHz Octa-core Kryo 585 & 3x2.42 GHz Octa-core Kryo 585 & 4x1.8 GHz Octa-core Kryo 585)
  • Chipset Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865
  • Dimensions 162.5 x 74.8 x 9 mm
  • Screen resolution 1080 x 2340
  • Screen size 6.6"
  • Screen type Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Camera Megapixels 108
  • Camera Flash Dual-LED
  • Selfie Camera 20 Megapixels

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Deals

Buying a new phone is an investment and you need to consider several things. When you enter a contract you are going to be locked in for a while and you’ll need to make monthly payments. It’s important you find a great deal for your device and choose the network and phone brand that is most suitable to you. Xiaomi is now the 4th most popular mobile phone brand in the world, originating in India it is now competing with the leaders in the smartphone marketplace. The Xiaomi Mi 10 5G released this year offers its users a high performing phone with an eye-catching design. 

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and 8GB of LPDDR5 Ram combined with 256GB of storage gives a high performing device with all the specifications you require. The bottom of the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G has a USP-C slot that allows 30W fast charging. You can be confident the 4780mAh battery will last well over 24 hours. 

This is no surprise with a Xiaomi as they are known to do all they can to prolong battery life in their devices. A sleek and seamless design down to the hardware and metal frame match thanks to the latter painted the same colour. The buttons are placed in a position that makes it easier for the user to reach for a device this big.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Contract Offers

When you are on the lookout for a contract for your Xiaomi Mi 10 5G you can save a lot of time, hassle, and potentially money if you use our online comparison tool. Find a contract that offers you value for money and what network will suit you best. You don’t want to be stuck in a contract that is costing you more money than initially agreed upon. Contracts generally last up to 2 years and the last thing you want is to choose the wrong one. 

The 4G and 5G signal in your area is what you need to check next. You can do this by inputting your postcode and you will be shown what networks offer you the strongest signal in that area. Most likely, it will be Vodafone, EE, O2, and three that will be your choice. 

These four are the main providers in the UK. There are plenty of smaller networks that don’t own transmitters so they piggyback off the big four.  These include Tesco and Giffgaff that use O2’s transmitter, Virgin and BT use EE’s, and plenty more like Asda and TalkTalk. Keep an eye on the smaller networks as they offer better deals a lot of the time.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Big Data Deals

The network you choose is just one step in finding what deal is best for you. Keep in mind the handset is the part of your contract you will be spending most of your money, followed by the data. You won’t have to worry about how many minutes and texts you get as part of your deal as these will most likely be unlimited. Keeping within your budget is all down to how much data you use and what your allowance will be. You want to make sure you don't go over the limit as this will cost you money.

There are several ways to make sure you don’t unnecessarily need to spend more cash by going over your data allowance. Make sure you connect to Wi-Fi when possible, this could be at the gym, work, university, shopping, and many more places. What you are doing on your Xiaomi Mi 10 5G device is also important when watching how much data you are using. Many apps and services on your phone like sending emails, browsing the web, and checking the weather, for example, will use a low amount. If you are downloading apps, streaming music or movies, or playing games online, this will use up much more. These are the type of activities you’re best to do using a Wi-Fi connection. 

Other ways to help you stay within your monthly data allowance include having a block on the amount of data you use. This means when you hit your monthly allowance, it will be capped and you can’t have anymore. You then won’t be hit with a large bill when it comes to paying your bill that month. The most effective way though is to go for a big data deal when you sign up for your contract. If you have a rough idea of how much data you usually use in a month or are expected to use, pick a deal that offers a bit more data than that amount. This will give you peace of mind that you can use your usual amount or even go over it and you won’t need to worry about keeping your eye on your usage.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Cheapest Deals

The networks will try and hook you in by offering a cheap contract that will be very appealing. These low-cost deals will most likely have a low amount of data that comes with them. When you go over your data allowance your monthly payment will shoot up and it will end up being more expensive than if you signed up for a more expensive deal. The low-cost deals aren’t the only thing the networks use to get you to sign-up.

Many will offer gifts and other incentives with the hopes you pick them over the competition. These tend to be Amazon gift cards, speakers, headphones, laptops, and other goodies. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for bagging yourself a present when searching for a good deal with your Xiaomi Mi 10 5G. 

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G SIM Free Deals

Buying the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G outright on a SIM free deal is another option you may consider. You can then use whatever network’s SIM you prefer and you won’t need to worry about paying a monthly payment for the device. This is a good choice for those already locked in a contract for another phone but wishes to get their hands on this device. 

The downside to this deal is that you will have to pay a good chunk of change upfront and Pay As You Go usually works out more expensive than a contract. You won’t have the same deals also, including unlimited texts and minutes.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G FAQs

Does the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G have a headphone jack?

The Xiaomi Mi 10 5G does come with a headphone jack, allowing you to connect your headphones or speakers.

Does the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G does have a fingerprint scanner for extra security. You do have the choice of face recognition technology also.

Does the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G have 8K recording?

You can shoot beautiful 8K videos with the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G that are 4 times the clarity of 4k.

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