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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series Differences 

  • If you have spent hours looking at the screen trying to figure out what the difference is between the three new Galaxy Note 10 handsets you are not alone. 
Galaxy Note 10 Series
Galaxy Note 10 Series
When it is presented as a load of facts and figures, and specifications it can get quite confusing. So, we're here to break down the confusion and simplify the differences between the Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Note 10 plus and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. 

Note 10 Series Similarities

The first thing to understand is that the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+ are quite similar in a lot of ways, it is the Galaxy 10 Lite that is very different from its bigger brothers, making it the odd one out. However, all three come with the S Pen stylus, which is Bluetooth enabled, as well as the under-screen fingerprint scanner and the software skin One UI. Of course, it is the S Pen that really defines a handset from any of the Note ranges so we would expect that with any handset in a Note series.
Galaxy Note 10 versus Galaxy Note 10+ 

So, these handsets do share many of the features and are similar in design. Of course, the Note 10+ is the largest handset in the range and therefore from a design perspective it does just look like a bigger version of the Galaxy Note 10. Both handsets break the six-inch barrier, with the Galaxy Note 10 measuring 6.3 inches and the Galaxy Note 10+ coming in at 6.8 inches. 

They both have HDR10+, but the PPI count is 401ppi on the Note 10 and 498ppi on the Note 10+. Both feature Infinity-O and have Super AMOLED screens with a single punch hole camera in the centre. This is where the Note 10 Lite sneaks back in as it too has these features, but it does not have the HDR 10+ support. Its screen is a nice 6.7-inch size with a PPI count of 394, so it is still a nice size offering. 

What Powers the Note 10 Series? 

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ benefit from Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipsets, which is a high-end chipset as you would imagine for flagship handsets. The Note 10 Lite gets the less powerful Exynos 9810 chipset. In terms of storage there are lots of differences. The Note 10 offers 256GB of internal storage with 8GB of RAM and no micro SD card slot. 

The Note 10+ has either 256GB or 512GB of storage 12GB of RAM and does have a micro SD card slot. Finally, the Note 10 Lite offers 12GB of storage with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and again features the expandable micro SD card slot. 

The Note 10 Series Cameras 

As you might expect the Galaxy Note 10+ has the highest camera specification, with a quad array featuring 12-megapixels, 12-megapixels 16-megapixels and an ToF lens. Note 10 has three lenses, these are a 12-megapixel, 12-megapixel and 16-megapixel arrangement, and finally Note 10 Lite also has three and they are all 12-megapixels.