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OnePlus 8 Pro Shows Screen Colour Issues

  • The launch of the new OnePlus 8 Pro has revealed that there seems to be an issue with the colour resolution on the screen sending it slightly green
OnePlus 8 Pro Green Tint
To be fair it has been awhile since any new handset had teething problems at this level from the start. OnePlus have taken it well and assure customers that a fix is coming.

Green Screen

The new handset has only been on sale since April 21, so there aren’t going to be that many customers affected, and it shouldn’t be an issue that puts people off as it can be rectified. The problem is that the screen is appearing to have a green tint, specifically when the handset is put into low brightness settings. The display acting differently under new conditions is something that happens from time to time but on the community forums users are getting a little bit agitated. To be fair, we can understand their frustration.

Users Turn to DIY Solution

If there’s one thing a community forum is good at in a crisis it’s finding a solution. It has been discovered that if users set the DC Dimming to on, the issue resolves itself. This setting is found in the OnePlus Laboratory Menu, and while it isn’t a permanent fix, it is helping. It seems that switching the setting on creates a side-effect called Black Crush.  Under normal circumstances this crushed black feature appears when an image loses details in darker areas and this gives an effect of being splodged. This seems to be correcting the green issue and was discovered by accident.

OnePlus Responds

The company is happy to confirm that the issue is known about and they are already working hard to figure out what is causing it and how they will fix it. It will be sent out through an OTA update, so the handsets won’t have to go back. They have also confirmed that they are aware that the DC Dimming is seen as a temporary fix and are advising customers to try it. The official statement states that:

“OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solution for our users. We will issue updates as soon as they are ready. Regarding the green tint, we are working to resolve this in our next OTA”.

The Handset 

This new offering is a really nice-looking phone that’s packed with power, and as the issue is relatively minor potential customers should not let this initial blip put them off. It features a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 865 chipset which is up at the flagship phone status end, and this is a 5G enabled handset. There is wireless charging and it has a 48-megapixel quad camera, so it’s certainly worth looking into. It is one of the larger size handsets and has a 6.7-inch screen, with a resolution of 3168x1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 19.8:9 and 513PPI.