BT Landline & Home Phone Deals

The landline has significantly fallen from popularity over the last few years. Mobile phones have made communication easy, and it is a device that many of us have to hand at all times. For a lot of people, the landline has only been used to ensure continued Internet provision, but even this is changing over time. However, the humble landline still has a purpose and is required by many people. Of course, for a long time, there was no choice in landline provision, and BT still remains one of the most popular options. 

It has become a more competitive market, and it is closely linked to broadband and television deals. So, if you still need a landline, it is certainly worth shopping around. If you have a current provider and switch your service or you move properties, there may be a requirement to have re-cabling and a new phone line put in. Your provider will arrange to work, but there will be certain costs that you will have to cover. This will vary depending on who your provider is, and what deal you are having. It is a straightforward process though, they will arrange for an engineer to come and do the work all you will have to do is let them in. 

So how do you go about choosing the best deal? 

When it comes to choosing a new landline deal, there are three things you should be considering. First of all, you have the cost of line rental, which varies between companies but is something that will have to be paid every time. So you might want to have a look around and see who offers this at the cheapest rate. Secondly, you want to take into account the cost of inclusive calls. 

The more that is included, the more you will pay, but conversely, if it is not included and you have to pay for it on an itemised basis depending on your situation, you could end up paying more. Inclusive calls tend to be offered as add-ons in various forms, for example, unlimited evening and weekend calls, any time calls, or international calls. Of course, the good thing about this is you don’t have to pay for services you won’t use, so if you never call an international number, you wouldn’t ask for an international inclusive package. Finally, consider creating a bundle. 

This means taking advantage of more than one service on offer from the provider; generally, most landline providers are also suppliers of broadband and television packages. You can get a better price and only have one single bill to pay at the end of each month.

A good piece of advice is to get an old phone bill and have a look at how and when you tend to make your calls. If you are at home during the day in the week, whether it’s because you work at home or not if you use the phone during this time you will probably need some kind of any time calls package. Conversely, if you are only usually home in the evenings and weekends and that is when you make the bulk of your calls you should be able to find a weekend and evening call add on.

BT Landline with Broadband Packages

One of the things that are often on offer along with the landline deal is your broadband provision. Again BT remains one of the top providers in this area so you might be wise to combine both services. Unlike landlines which can be taken into most properties, there is some difference in the level of broadband service we can receive depending on where we live in the UK. So you will need to take this into consideration, and the best thing to do is check the coverage map on the provider’s website by entering your postcode or current landline number. Broadband is sold in packages dependent on the speed required by the home. 

As a rule of thumb, the more people you have in the home, the faster the connection you are going to need; the same applies to the type of activity to carry out. Streaming movies and television, playing games, and downloading need a quicker broadband speed than a household that uses the Internet mainly to send and receive emails, browse the web, and perhaps look at social networking. 

You also need to take into consideration how many devices are going to be connecting at the same time, and with mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, voice assistance and television streaming this could be a lot. For many people, it is simply the best idea to get this fastest connection they can, and this is called fibre-optic. For those who do not have a heavy Internet usage, the cheapest and most reliable option will be an ADSL connection.

BT Landline with TV Packages

Another service that is commonly provided in a package along with the landline is your television provision. Again over the years, television has undergone some dramatic changes, and we no longer only have terrestrial television or satellite. We now have a full range of Internet-based streaming services, which therefore relies on a stable broadband connection and tends to be offered with the same providers. Again the market is fierce, and it depends on what you want to watch how much you will need to pay each month. 

Many providers offer varying levels of service, with the ability to bolt on specific genres, including movies, sports, and children’s packages depending on how your household is set up. Not all providers can provide all services in all areas as again; you are relying on your Internet connection. But this could be an excellent time to make a change and get a brand-new Internet connection at a better speed, that includes your landline and your television packages. Our comprehensive reviews of providers and their services in all areas, including landlines, broadband, and television should help you decide what is best for you.