Vonage Home Phone & Landline Deals

Although some people do not use their landline anymore until recently it was a requirement of broadband. However, this has now changed, and you can get broadband without a landline, and mobile phones have made talking to people significantly easier. That said we shouldn't underestimate the service, and there is still a good percentage of the UK that relies heavily on their landline. So, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that you are getting the best price and the highest level of service for your money. It is one of those services that often gets forgotten about because for a long time there was no choice in who supplied it. Now there is, you should take advantage of the competitive nature of the market and see if you can save some money. 

One thing to note is that sometimes switching providers, and that includes when we move homes, can incur charges in the form of new lines and cables. In order to cope with the level of service you need, specific cables are required. It is a simple process, and an engineer will be sent to the property at a time that suits you both. Unfortunately, any charges resulting from this are likely to be passed on to yourself, but this is something you would need to speak to the provider about.

How to get a good deal

We understand that when it comes to negotiating a good deal with a new provider, having the facts puts you in a stronger position. That is why we have comprehensively reviewed every provider so that you can see who they are, what they offer, and how they operate. There are also three things you should consider when you are hunting through deals. Firstly there is the cost of the line rental, this is a non-negotiable fee, but it is priced differently by each provider. 

So it is worth shopping around to see who has the cheapest. Line rental tends to make up a large chunk of the bill, so it's definitely something that needs a bit of care and attention. Next, you want to consider what inclusive calls add-ons there are. If you were to be billed for the cost of each call individually, it could get quite expensive, so providers have worked out the most common types of calls and lumped them into deals. It is common to find any time, evening and weekend, and international packages. So you simply add the ones that suit you best. If you never make an international call, there is no point adding that service, but if you have a lot of relatives there and spend a long time on the phone, it will save you money. 

The same applies to calls made in the evenings and weekends and weekdays. If you're not sure about your calling habits, go back through a few old phone bills, and this will tell you how you use your phone. The last thing to consider is whether you can take advantage of any of the other services offered by the provider. Telephone deals tend to sit in the same market as broadband and television. So, if you combine them into one package, you can save money and only have to deal with one bill each month.

Vonage Landline with Broadband Packages

When it comes to broadband, there are also a few things to consider about the service you might require. A landline can be installed in any property, and while every home can now receive broadband, the speed in which it is delivered can vary. 

So, before deciding who to sign up with you need to check what is available in your area. This means going onto the provider's website and entering either your postcode or landline number to see what they offer in your geographical location. We have both fibre-optic and ADSL broadband in the UK. Fibre is a faster service but obviously will cost you more money, but it does tend to be the one that most people opt for. ADSL is only really suitable for small households where the bulk of the Internet activity is based around surfing the web, updating social media channels, and sending and receiving emails. 

Fibre-optic offers some really impressive speeds depending on where you live, and it's perfect for houses which have multiple users or wanting to access the Internet at the same time. Things like streaming movies, and downloading games, require a faster connection in order to avoid buffering and frustration that arises from an unreliable connection. You also need to take into account how many devices will be connected at once. Consider how many mobiles connect to the Internet as soon as the owner walks in the door. The same applies to laptops, desktops, tablets, voice assistance, and Internet television.

Vonage Landline with TV Packages

Another common service to combine with your landline is your television package. While some people are still happy with terrestrial television, a lot of users take advantage of the vast choice on offer now that we have Internet streaming services. Again this has made it a very competitive market, so you will find many different companies all looking to get your business. You need to have a look at the way they present their services, and compare that to the channels you actually want to watch. 

There is no point paying for services you do not use, so be sure that you are getting a good range of choice for your money. Sports is one area that tends to offer excellent coverage, but providers do realise that it is not for everyone. So often it is sold as an additional service that you can throw into your bundle. The same applies to movies and kids television, meaning you do get a wide range of choice. If you are going to sign up for a new broadband television package, ensure that the broadband element offers you good enough speeds to cope with the extra work of channelling the television as well as everything else you do. There are a lot of advantages to Internet television, including the fact that they will work on any devices and also on 4G so you can take them with you when you go away from the home.