Virgin Media Home Phone & Landline Deals

Many people do not consider a landline a particularly important tool anymore; however, it is still something we pay for every month; so it is worth getting the best deal. It is fair to say that mobiles have pretty much taken over, and the only reason many people keep their landline is to access broadband. But there are still some people who rely on it as a social tool or a business tool in their home. 

For a long time, it was one of the services that had no choice, people signed up with BT who were the leading provider in the country but when the market was opened up a whole raft of competitors jumped in. Landline provision is very closely linked with television and broadband deals, so you will find companies offering a wide range of services. When you consider switching landline providers or moving to a new home, you have to accept that you might need a new telephone line and some new cables. This will be taken care of by the provider who will arrange for an engineer to come to the property at a mutually convenient time. However, there may be some charges to pay, and these will be your responsibility.

What makes a good deal?

Generally, there are three key factors to consider when deciding on a new landline deal. The cost of line rental is something we will have to put up with, but it does vary by provider. It also tends to make up the bulk of a bill, so it is certainly worth looking into. Some companies are much cheaper than others, but you will have to weigh this up overall if you are going to combine services. You then need to consider what calls are included and what are charged at individual rates. Most providers have package deals for the most common types of call, for example, evening and weekend or daytime. If you know you are going to make a lot of calls in that grouping, it is worth adding on the package that covers it. 

It will generally work out cheaper in the long run than each call being billed for individually. The same applies to international calling, it is not something that everybody wants so generally it is not included, but it can be expensive on a per-call basis. So if you know you make a lot of calls to international numbers, it is worth getting an international calling package added to your landline bill. We mentioned combining services above, and this means taking advantage of more than one service offered by the provider. Most landline providers also provide broadband and television packages and creating a deal that includes all three should save you even more money in the long run with only one bill to pay each month.  

If you are unsure as to the best package for you, grab one of your old phone bills and have a look through it to see what sort of times and days you use the telephone most. People who work at home, or are based in the home during the week and use the phone then should look at any time call packages. But, if you only spend your evenings and weekends in the house, this would be overkill and not worth the money so you might just want to look at a package that offers weekend and evening calls.

Virgin Media Landline with Broadband Packages

Broadband and landlines tend to sit hand-in-hand, for a long time broadband has only been available using a landline to generate the service. Although that is now changing, there is still a need for the humble landline, so many people continue to purchase both a landline service and a broadband service. 

The majority of providers do offer both services, so by combining them; you get to save extra money. When it comes to choosing broadband, your main focus is the speed and how you use the Internet in the home. As a rule of thumb, the more people that live in the house, the faster the rate you are going to want. Particularly if they all want to connect at the same time, and have multiple devices, including mobile phones, laptops, voice assistance, desktops and even Internet televisions. 

The fastest service in the UK at the moment is fibre-optic, but the speed you can receive is based on your geographical location. So you do need to take this into account when you are choosing a package. Most providers offer an easy coverage map check on their website. The next thing you need to take into account is how much streaming of movies, music, films and more that your household uses want to be able to access. Again the more people doing this at the same time means you need a faster speed.

Virgin Media Landline with TV Packages

Another service that has been revolutionised over the last decade is your television provision; now it is most common to see programming provided via the Internet in various streaming packages. It used to be that we relied on just a handful of channels from the terrestrial service and then more were introduced using satellites. But now, television is available pretty much wherever you go on any mobile device. In a highly competitive market, it makes sense for providers to offer services that sit neatly side-by-side and offer them as combination packages. So, the majority of landline providers will also provide television packages, and you might want to take advantage of some of these deals. 

There is a good level of choice, and again companies seem to understand that people no longer wish to pay for services they don’t use. So you can exclude or include pretty much any genre. If you don’t like sport, there is no requirement to purchase a sports package, but if you really enjoy sport, you can add on many different channels the only change will be the overall cost. Some of the names of the providers will be very familiar, but there are lots of new companies that shouldn’t be overlooked just because you haven’t heard of them. This is why we provide comprehensive reviews to help you understand what is out there.