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iPhone 11 Tips To Improve The Display & Home Screen

The latest iPhone series, the iPhone 11 series comes with iOS 13 with some great additional features including dark mode. Understanding your display and home screen features will help you get the best out of your iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Check out our tips below.

Go to Wi-Fi settings quickly

Press the settings icon for a long time, this opens up a small window to the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Battery and mobile data settings.

Arrange Home Screen Icons

Google has removed the pressure sensitive display so several of the force tough actions and long press actions have changed too. You have two choices to arrange your icons on your home screen. Tap the app you want to arrange and hold down, then tap “rearrange apps” which will appear in the pop up menu. The second option is to hold press and drag the icon to where you want the app to appear.

Markup and crop screenshots

First, take the screenshot and a small preview of your screenshot will appear at the bottom left hand corner of the display. Tap the small image of the screenshot and a list of tools appear that allow you to edit the screenshot or add additional text and crop the image.

Enabling Dark Mode

Dark mode is great for using your phone in bed. Removing the annoying blue light that keeps you up at night. Click on your settings icon, head over to display and brightness and you to toggle dark mode off and on.

Getting Rid of Stock Apps

Stock apps are usually apps that Apple needs on the device, however sometimes commercial agreements are made to ensure certain apps are on the device when it's sold. When Apple released their iOS 11 update they made a change to allow you to remove these apps. Simply long press on the app until the X appears then click the X, you will be asked to confirm the removal of the app. If you do want the app again you can simply download it again from the app store.

Adding Multiple Apps to Folders

Grouping apps can help organise your iPhone 11. Start by long pressing one app and dragging it over to another you app you want in the group. Then quickly tap the other apps you want in the folder and they will go there.

Changing the iPhone 11 Wallpaper

Apple has worked hard to add more wallpapers to the stock images but you can also download wallpapers from external sites. When downloading wallpapers from external sites you must take care as some wallpapers can slow down the device. To change the wallpaper click on settings and then wallpaper. Here you can change to a stock image, one of your own images or a downloaded image.

How to use Zoom Display

Zoom display has been available since the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus. To change to zoom display go to settings, then to display and brightness then click display zoom. To change back go to the same section and reverse the action.

How to use Night Shift

The Night Shift option removes the blue light that can affect your sleep. It's quick and simple to use. Press on the control centre then long press the display brightness slider, here you can select night shift.

Changing Text Size

For the poor sighted, you can change the size of the text size in the setting options. Click on settings, the go to display and brightness. Here you can choose text size and use the slider to change the size of the text.

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