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Samsung Galaxy S21+ Geekbench Leak & S21 Series Design Changes

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ is due to appear in spring 2021 and they are already getting fans talking with all kinds of speculation and frustration.
Samsung S21 Feat
The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to include the Galaxy S21+ model, which sits between the regular Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

Although nothing has been confirmed so far, it is speculated that the Samsung Galaxy S21+ will have the model number SM-G996B. This model number has now appeared on the Geekbench benchmarking website with some details. 

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus: Speculation

It is possible that this could be our first look at the real specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21+. In addition to the RAM and the Android operating system, the list also mentions a previously unknown Exynos name.

According to the Geekbench listing, the Samsung Galaxy S21+ will be equipped with the Exynos 2100 chipset, which will most likely be referred to as the Exynos 1000 at the launch. The details from Geekbench also indicate 8GB of RAM, a Mali-G78 GPU and the Android 11 operating system.

The Samsung device achieved 1,038 points in single-core and 3,060 points in multi-core. These values ​​are quite good for a flagship device, but they lag slightly behind what smartphones can achieve with a Snapdragon 865, especially when it comes to multi-core performance.

S21 Geekbench Report

The other details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series are still limited at the moment. Some reports in the past have indicated that the Galaxy S21 Ultra model will come with the S-Pen, as Samsung reportedly plans to scrap the Galaxy Note series in the next year. The Ultra is also said to be equipped with a next-generation 108 MP camera and 60W fast charging support.

A new sensor promises spectacular new features. This video by TS Design reveals important innovations in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Series: Redesign

The Samsung Galaxy S21 could be released as a new redesign. There is currently intense speculation about this. Fans are already bothered by the restrictive new design options.

The current fears about the Samsung Galaxy S21 new design, which, to the regret of many fans, will appear to be without any shine. With the release if recent Samsung models the manufacturer seems to be increasingly relying on matte surfaces. 

The new, simple look for the Samsung mobile phone really takes some getting used to for everyone who likes to see their device shimmer and shine. The Galaxy S20 FE is already available exclusively with a matt back.

S20 FE Matt Back

Every two years Samsung throws itself into a major redesign of its Galaxy S series. This was most recently the case with the Galaxy S10 in 2019. Samsung introduced the Infinity-O display. If you follow the cycle, the Samsung Galaxy S21 would be that time again with a new design refresh.

Samsung Galaxy S Series: Design Speculation

Now, a few months before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21, there is already fierce speculation about how the device will look in the end. 

A front camera hidden under the display is being discussed. Should it come to that, the new Samsung phone would have a completely borderless display without notches or a punch hole for the front camera. 

Galaxy S21 In Display Cam

Huawei recently filed a patent for this type of in-display selfie camera. Read more about it here: Huawei: Smartphone with In-Display Selfie-Cam

The design trend for Samsung phones from autumn 2020, is for the handsets to be rid of a glossy back, especially for the Galaxy S20 FE and the Note 20 and instead, they will feature a matte surface. A matt case for the mobile phone makes sense, as it means that less dirt and fingerprints remain on the surface, however, it may not be visually appealing.

Buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones in early 2020 did not have to get used to this new design. Despite all the displeasure with the design, Samsung fans are of course looking forward to the new Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FAQs

Why did Samsung jump to the Galaxy S20 series?

Samsung moved on to the S20 series from the S10 as they wanted a name to kick off the next 10 years of Samsung releases

When will the S21 be released?

We don't have an exact release date for the S21 series, however, we are speculating that it will be in Spring 2021.

How much will the Galaxy S21 cost?

As Samsung are only in the design phases of the S21 series there is no official price yet. However, the Galaxy S20 first released at £799 and £899 for the 5G version.