Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Deals

5G is the next big thing, over the next two years, most of the country will be switched on and able to access the 5G network. It promises faster connection, quicker download speeds, and the ability to cope with more users at a time that the 4G network can. However, in order to access the 5G network customers will need a mobile phone with a 5G modem. There is no panic as 4G will still be available, but for the superior service, an upgrade will be needed at some point.

This means we are seeing the introduction of five do you labelled handsets from all of the mobile phone providers. Samsung is considered to be one of the best mobile phone manufacturers, and their S series is one of the two flagship ranges. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the latest Galaxy S10 is available as a 5G or 4G model. This 5G offering boasts an incredible performance with the newest technology. It has a stunning waterfall edge screen that measures 6.7-inches making it perfect for a wide range of users, and it is certainly proving popular. To get a full overview of the handset have a look at our comprehensive review. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Contract Offers

It goes without saying that handsets at this level are incredibly expensive, so a pay monthly deal is very often the only way many users can get their hands on one. There is a range of contracts on offer which enables you to tailor something that suits your pocket as well as your desire to have the latest Samsung phone. Understanding how mobile phone contracts are priced helps make sure that you get what you need, and don’t end up paying extra charges either because you have gone over your analysis or because you are paying for services you don’t use.

Many contracts come with unlimited talk time and text allowance, and this eliminates a big problem as you simply cannot exceed your contracted amount. It is worth noting that premium rate numbers are not covered by any contract either for calls or texts. The short numbers that are given out by competitions, television programmes, and other paid services tend to be a premium rate number, and you will be charged outside of your contract agreement. There is no warning; the charges are just added to your bill, so when it comes in, it will be more than you expected.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Big Data Deals

Assuming that you pick an unlimited talk time and text allowance, you can forget about that pretty much. But you do need to consider your data usage, especially if you are going to be using 5G. If there is no 5G in your area at the moment, the handset will still work, and you will access the 4G network as you do now. Specifically purchasing the phone to use the 5G network now if you are in one of the few areas that are turned on, means that you also need to specify a 5G data element in your pay monthly deal.

Obviously network providers and phone retailers are aware of this so you will be shown deals that encompass 5G data on any handset that has a 5G modem. You then need to work out how much you use data, and this is when you have no access to Wi-Fi. Big data deals are perfect for 5G handsets, as the users that purchase these are likely to want to be out and about with access any time they need it. 

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Cheapest Deals

So the amount of data that you choose will impact the value of the deal on offer. The higher the amount of data the more you are likely to end up paying in a month, but that does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. You need a contract that covers your usage habits; otherwise, you will be paying excess charges for going over your allowances every month and paying more in the long run. Other factors that can influence the price you were offered each month includes the duration of the contract.

The longer the contract, the lower the monthly price but you will be tied into that provider and handset for the period. The most extended deals offered tend to be three years, and with a 5G enabled handset, specifically a Samsung flagship phone you are pretty much future-proofed, and this may well not be a problem at all. A shorter contract of say 12 months will see an increase in monthly premium. The network provider will also offer cheaper deals if you are prepared to contribute to the cost of the handset upfront. Now it doesn’t have to be anything like the full amount, and they will specify say £100, and this will bring down your monthly payment.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Sim Free Deals

Finally, you can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G as a Sim free deal, but it is over £1000 at the moment. The price will drop when the next generation of handsets are released, and some people are quite happy to pay this amount because it is the phone they want. You will need to source the Sim card in order for the phone to work, and again remember it will need to be 5G enabled. There is no pay monthly option available here, but again competition between network providers kicks in, and you will find other offers to try and tempt you to pick them.

This could be a free gift such as a games console, a tablet, a wireless charger, or many other pieces of technology. If you are looking at a pay monthly deal, many providers also offer free subscriptions to streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, BT sports, Spotify or Apple Music. The subscription may be for a few months, or the whole duration of the contract. It is seen as a sweetener to try and convince you to become their customer rather than one of their rivals.