BT TV Deals

Providing television packages is now big business. With that in mind, it is hard to know where to take your business, which is why we are here to help you. We have provided a comprehensive review of all of the television providers, to help you make an informed choice and understand what is involved in signing up to a deal. BT is a big name in the broadband, television, and mobile world, so it is not surprising they have many fantastic deals on offer and is a popular company for many customers. It is natural to want more choice, especially when it is so readily available, so very few customers stick with terrestrial television only. 

The set-top box which connects via the Internet makes it a piece of cake to receive many different programs. However, it is essential to understand that not all services are available in all locations. Providers to work hard to make sure that they have coverage as far across the UK as they possibly can. However, before you sign up, you need to check and make sure who provides services where you live. 

Using a simple postcode search, you will be able to see with ease, and this gives you a good starting point. Packages, many shapes and sizes, and you can also get access to multiple set-top boxes if you want to be able to watch channels in more than one room. You can also take advantage of and combine various services from the same provider. As mentioned BT also offers broadband, and telephone connections as well as mobile phones and by joining them all up under the umbrella of one provider, you have one neat monthly bill and all of your essential services taken care of. 

BT Sports Packages

Of course, it’s not just important to discover which providers are in your area; you would also need to take into account what you want to watch. There is such a good range of packages on offer; it means you only need to pay for things you actually enjoy watching and can exclude things you don’t. This means you can request access to everything on offer, or limit yourself to just a few choices. 

Your only consideration is budget. Sports packages are essential to many people, and of course, BT sport is their own sports channel and is naturally available with many of their packages. They have two sports packages which you can add either or both to your subscription; their basic sports package has access to all for BT sport channels and box nation which gives you 50 to live Premier League matches, UEFA Champions League games and the rest of BT sport. 

If you want even more you can add the big sports package which offers everything already mentioned plus an additional 11 Sky Sports channels, and the NOW TV Sky Sports pass. There are certainly plenty of choices when it comes to sport from BT, so compare this to what is on offer from other providers before you decide where to subscribe. You can also take advantage of the BT sports app, which means you can take your viewing on the go with you and access all your favourite sports events at the touch of a screen when you’re not able to get home. This is available for both Wi-Fi and 4G so wherever you are you can enjoy uninterrupted sports coverage.

BT Kids Packages

Families with children want to make sure there is plenty on offer to keep the younger people entertained when necessary, and they are also concerned with ensuring that they can safely provide content appropriate for the age groups. The good news is that BT has excellent parental controls on all of its services, so you are able to lock down individual accounts, so they only offer access to suitable content for children. 

There is certainly plenty on offer from BT when it comes to television for the younger generation. They have various entertainment packages, and some of these channels will be more relevant to children than others, but again you will be able to customise what they can and can’t watch. Many television providers also offer extra features for younger viewers including games and a handy app that can be installed on their devices or yours, so you could always access something for them to watch to keep them happy.

BT Movie Packages

For the people television is all about the films and movies. If you can’t get to the cinema or don’t enjoy going, it’s great to be able to watch your favourite movies and new releases as they come out from the comfort of your sofa. There are lots of different movie options on offer with BT. They have two different entertainment packages, the basic one includes things like the now TV entertainment pass, while big entertainment also features the sky cinema channels and over 1000 movies that are streamed on-demand from the subscription to your now TV which is part of the BT package. 

That is certainly a lot of lazy Sunday afternoons under the duvet with some snacks watching your favourite films or discovering something new. Before signing up to any television provider, you need to check out the small print so that you are confident you understand what you are paying for and how long the contract lasts. 

Many television packages come with the termination fee, and this can also kick in if you want something moving house due to the fact that not all services are available in all areas. So be sure you check if that is something you plan on doing soon. When it comes to the equipment, from the standard set up to the multi-room, you will find that maybe extra set up charges applied. Sometimes you have to pay for the cost of a second set-top box, connection, and delivery. Any issues with the service, connected to the BT phone lines outside the property, will also be processed and charged for in the usual way.