EE TV Deals

EE is possibly best known for its role as one of the largest mobile Phone network providers in the UK. However, it makes sense for the company to expand its services, and they now also provide broadband and television packages. It has become a highly competitive market, so there are loads of great offers to be had from a wide range of providers. Choosing to sign with EE could offer some great benefits, including their lead in the 5G rollout, and their desire to remain at the cutting edge of technology. 

The television deal is only available to their broadband customers, but this is something that makes a lot of sense and most television providers offer more than one service. By placing these things together, you only have one bill to deal with and can save even more money as you will be rewarded for your loyalty. There is a good range of choice in the programs you can access, so no matter what you like to watch, you should be able to find something that suits you. 

Not all providers have service in all areas, so you should check which do before you start looking. This can be done by visiting the provider's website and entering your postcode. Newer television services also have multi-room capability by adding extra set-top boxes to the order or by using the free apps that are supplied which means more of your family can watch television at the same time in different rooms. All you need to do is decide what package you fancy and keep an eye on the budget. 

EE Sports Packages

Deciding what you want to watch is, of course, the fun bit, and the fact you can choose from several options means you do not have to pay for services you don't use. Watching sports is an integral part of life for many people, and television providers recognise this and do their best to make sure they have a good selection on offer. EE offers a collaboration with Apple TV and BT Sports, so there are definitely lots to choose from if you are a football, rugby, horse-racing, cricket or tennis fan as well as many other sports. 

You can also choose to add Sky Sports, so you never need to miss out on a fixture or match ever again, and of course, you can use the app to get access to your favourites when you are not at home, so provided you have wifi or 4G you can enjoy all the action wherever you might happen to be. Equally, if you are not really into your sports and prefer a good boxset, your favourite series or films, then you can choose not to pay for sports and instead pick up the options that suit you better. 

It also helps you control your budget so if that is a prime consideration you will still find that there is plenty on offer for you. EE also has some pretty cool features to enhance your viewing experience, and this includes controlling the telebox with your phone, the ability to switch mid-program from your television to your mobile device and the fact that three different screens are included as standard.

EE Kids Packages

Another thing that is important to many people is access to a good range of children's television. Whether you have toddlers and preschoolers or older children, it is excellent to know that you have instant access to a variety of programs that are age-appropriate and suitable for them to watch. With EE, you have some great kids channels and plenty of choices so you will be able to keep them entertained when you need some peace. 

The good news is that you have a good level of control too, you can lock down anything you do not want your children to watch and customise a profile for them that only offers suitable content you are happy with. There are lots of channels like CBeebies, and CITV so you can be sure there are plenty of choices. Of course, you will also be able to watch favourite family films, and they can also take advantage of the app so you can hook them up with the channels they love wherever you might happen to be. 

EE Movie Packages

The other firm favourite amongst television watchers all over the world is movie access. If you do not fancy heading out to the cinema and instead prefer to watch from your bed or sofa you will love the section of film channels on offer. Whether you are waiting for something new to come out or just want something old and classic to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon, there is plenty to choose from. Binge-watching sessions are easy, you just need to prepare your snacks and drinks and grab a duvet, and you are good to go. From comedies to thrillers, romance to action, there is something for everyone. So, when you have found a deal, you like the look of, stop and take a moment to check the fine print and make sure it really is what you think. 

A common tactic is to offer a lower monthly price, but this only lasts for a few months, so that is worth checking. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying much more than you had hoped. Another consideration is whether you are planning to move house in the near future, or if you are a student in accommodation and will not be staying long. 

Many companies have a termination fee, and because services vary by geographical area, you could find you are classed as breaking the contract early rather than just moving house. You will find that some providers have rolling monthly contracts with no commitment, which could be the best choice in this situation. Others offer a longer deal and of course if you are not planning to move this could be perfect for you.