TV Player TV Deals

There is a wide for righty of choice when it comes to selecting television these days. We no longer have to rely on a few channels or subscribe to a limited satellite package. It is now all about online streaming and access via the Internet. Of course, this does require a decent speed on your broadband service, and for some people, this would mean an upgrade if they want to access these television services. One of the good things about this is that many of the TV providers also offer other services such as broadband and telephone so that you can make your provider a one-stop-shop, and subscribe to several of their services, which will save you money in the long run, as you will get a discount for loyalty.

It also means you only have one bill to deal with at the end of the month, and one point of contact if anything happens to go wrong. TV Player is a collaborative service that brings together all the channels into one place, making it easy to find them. The basic package is actually free, but you do need to be aware that a valid television license is required to watch any live TV or any BBC channels on catch up. They are not responsible for ensuring that you have the license correctly and you can be fined if you do not have it.

TV Player Sports Packages

The channels on offer with the free service which is called TV player basic other free to add channels, but if you choose to take their TV player premium service subscription you will have access to more than ten channels that are not available via a free view or free sat service. You will also find a range of on-demand and catch up services depending on what you are looking for. This means that you will be able to access sporting action if it is being shown on any of the channels they cover. 

This means there are no dedicated sports channels as such, but obviously many terrestrial and satellite channels show sports matches and fixtures at various points throughout the year. If sport is a definite requirement, you may want to combine more than one service depending on the costs you find, and you should check that the service is available in your geographical location before you apply. This is simple to do, and if you go to the provider's website, you will be able to put in your postcode and confirm whether they can or cannot deliver a service in your area. Again you do need to have a decent speed of broadband for streaming services; otherwise, you are going to become very frustrated as it will continuously stop and start.

TV Player Kids Packages

Any parent would know that when it comes to television provision, you want to ensure you have a wide range of choice for the younger viewers in your house. There are times when you just need them to sit down and be quiet and watch something so that you can get on. 

Thankfully there is a good range of children's programs on offer here. They have access to see ITV, CBeebies, and many others where you will find all of your children's favourites in one place. The service is available on any Internet-enabled devices such as phones, laptop, some tablets simply download the app or use the browser. The service is also available on FireTV and Chromecast. You also have a good control over what your children can and cannot watch, and we know that parental controls are essential in this situation. 

Parents want to be confident that their children cannot access programs that are not suitable for them, and providers are working hard to ensure that it can be locked down in any way the parent chooses. Because it uses the Internet, it is also available when you are not at home, so if you're out and about and the kids are driving you up the wall, you can simply log into your account and find something for them to watch provided you have access to 4G or Wi-Fi. 

TV Player Movie Packages

This is one service that doesn't have a heavy focus on movies, but of course, there will be films showing from time to time on any of the channels. It is a no-contract cancel any time service so you can try it and see if you like it. It also offers a free trial period which gives you plenty of scope to see what is on offer. You have access to such channels as TLC, Discovery Channel, ITV Be, food network and many more so there are plenty of things to watch. You can also binge watch on various catch up and OnDemand programs so you will never be short of something to watch. 

This could be the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon sitting on the sofa watching all sorts of programs that you'd forgotten about, and a lot of brand-new stuff as well. It is an excellent service if you are planning to move house soon, as the more extended subscription services tend to see a change of address as an early termination to the contract. 

This is because not all services are available in each geographical area, but can come as a nasty surprise if you are not aware of it. If you do plan to move around you are better off sticking with a month by month subscription service and provided you have a decent broadband these will follow you wherever you go. You will also be able to access your account using 4G/5G, and the apps available from your App Store which can be downloaded for free. Overall this is a comprehensive service that has a lot to offer and will suit many people; it may be better in tandem with something that has more in the way of films and sport if that is what you're interested in watching.