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iPhone 12 – The Latest Rumours and the first Portless iPhone

  • Apple are due to release their latest range of handsets in September 2020. The iPhone 12 series will have four different phones with three different sizes.
iPhone 12
The latest four handsets will cover a wide range of price points making Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series available to all budgets. All the iPhone 12 series will be 5G ready and include Apple’s latest technology.

This isn’t the only rumours we are hearing about next year’s iPhone launch; the next iPhone being released in 2021 will be the first portless device meaning no more cables and purely wireless charging. This also means no more wired headphones so it will be a fully Bluetooth experience.

iPhone 12 Rumours

These rumours come from James Prosser whose previous leaks have always turned out to be true. James quoted through his twitter account.

“Apple will "never" accept using USB-C, despite the European Union's new regulations on universal phone charging. Apple seems like it's going to get around this by offering a lightning-to-USB-C converter in European markets, but eventually, Prosser claims the phones will look to go portless.”

There are also rumours of an iPhone SE2 or an iPhone SE Plus which are both expected to be portless devices.

Apple have been working on AirPower their wireless charging system for some time and looks set to move fully to portless devices by the end of 2021. This may come with a few issues for Apple iPhone fans. Will the device come with a wireless charging device and will AirPods be free? If not, this is likely to drive up the cost of owning one of Apple’s new portless handsets.

This could be the reason Apple will opt to release their first portless device in the next generation of the iPhone SE series. This would make it more affordable whilst allowing consumers to get used to wirelessly charging their devices all the time.

A video released by Gregs Gadgets via YouTube has also leaked the latest prices. As promised there will be a wide range in pricing.

iPhone 12 Series
Apple iPhone 12$649
Apple iPhone 12 Max$749
Apple iPhone 12 Pro$999
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max$1099

The cheapest device is the most affordable flagship handset that Apple has released in years.