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Capacity: 16GB


Colour: Blue

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Doro 8035 Specification

  • Capacity
  • 16GB
  • Battery
  • Up to 15 hours
  • Camera
  • 5 MP
  • Screen Size
  • 5.0" in
  • SIM Type Nano SIM
  • Internal memory 16GB
  • Cellular support 2G 3G 4G
  • Maximum Talk-time Up to 15 hours
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Weatherproofing / IP Rating Not rated
  • Operating System Android
  • Colour BLUE
  • Weight (grams) 300
  • Memory card slot MicroSD up to 32GB
  • Processor 1.3 GHz
  • Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 212
  • Dimensions 185 x 62 x 77 mm
  • Screen resolution 1280 x 720
  • Screen size 5.0"
  • Screen type TFT
  • Camera Megapixels 5
  • Camera Flash LED
  • Selfie Camera 2 Megapixels

Doro 8035 Deals

The Doro 8035 is a smartphone that is exceptionally user friendly. It’s versatile, suiting users that may be new to owning a smartphone, as well as those with experience.

It gives you the option to use either the standard Android user-interface or Doro’s own intuitive, greater accessibility based interface. “Intuitive” comes to mind again, as the Doro 8035 smartphone keeps track of the apps you use the most to make them easily accessible.

There are also two forms of assistance for those that require it, the first being Google assistant, a powerful personal assistant that responds to your voice, and the second being the built-in assistance button that puts you in immediate contact with either your predefined emergency contacts or safety services in your area.

The Doro 8035’s main 5-megapixel camera is great, with efficient autofocus, flash, magnifying function, and video recording capabilities. The selfie camera has 2-megapixels, making sharing moments with your family clear and simple. 

Easy navigation, high-speed internet, access to the app store for android and google apps, GPS, and hearing aid compatibility are just a few more of the many features available on the incredibly user-friendly device. 

Whatever your reason for checking out the Doro 8035, you’ll be sure to find the best deals for it here at TopReviews.

Doro 8035 Contract Offers

Your mobile contract will be split into two separate parts: ‘device plan’ and ‘airtime plan’. The ‘device plan’ part of your bill is your monthly contribution to paying the cost of the device. The ‘airtime plan’ is what you pay towards your call minutes, text messages, and data usage each month.

Contracts continue to provide the best value for mobile users, as you can get much more out of your fixed monthly fee than you ever would for the same price top-up on pay-as-you-go.

As the Doro 8035 is a smartphone with such great connectivity features, you may need a little more data than you’re used to. 

Calls and minutes are often all-inclusive, but if not, use any previous contracts as an estimate for how many you may need in your new contract.

There are many different network providers and retailers that can offer various deals on your new device, so check out our comparison tool to help find the deal that suits your needs the best.

Doro 8035 Big Data Deals

As the Doro 8035 is such a great value device, you may have a little extra budget to go towards getting plenty of data in your plan.

The 8035 includes some fantastic features like Facebook, WhatsApp, and fluent web browsing, and every time you’re not within a free Wi-Fi zone, you’ll need mobile data to keep connected.

Make sure you get plenty to play with because if you’re running out of your allowance, you’re not getting the full potential from your new device.

If you need assistance finding the right deal, you can sort our comparison tool results by data quantity, so finding the perfect plan has never been easier.

Doro 8035 Cheapest Deals

Here at TopReviews, we take pride in helping everyone that comes through find the absolute best deals for their needs. Taking into account not only your average calls, texts, and data from past use, but also considering the most you might ever need is important to make sure you always have enough to get you through the month.

Having a new phone will most likely result in higher usage than usual, too. If you’ve got more features, apps, and a faster phone, it’s inevitable.

The comparison tool helps you filter through every single detail to find the contract that suits you best for the cheapest price. For example, if you’re after the Doro 8035 with 10GB data, just select the device from our extensive list of phones, then filter the search results by data quantity.

Bear in mind the signal strength, as choosing a network that doesn’t provide great coverage to your area may not be the best idea for the sake of saving a few pounds a month.

Doro 8035 Sim Free Deals

The Doro 8035 is an extremely great value smartphone. You’ll rarely find a smartphone you can buy outright for as little as a £140 average price.

This provides a great opportunity to opt for a sim free deal, where you can own the handset from the very beginning, and have a choice of getting a separate monthly sim only contract or returning to the world of pay-as-you-go.

This is also a great chance to upgrade to the Doro 8035 before your old sim contract has even completed. Just purchase the new device and move your current sim card across from your new phone.

Doro 8035 FAQs

I forgot my Doro 8035 PIN code, what can I do?

If you have forgotten your PIN to unlock your phone, firstly, do not keep guessing as you will lock the sim, too. Resetting your device will also have no effect.
The only way to unlock your phone if you have forgotten your pin is to enter the PUK code found on the plastic card your sim came from. If you do not have this, contact your provider and they will tell you.
You will then use this PUK to create a new PIN code to use from now on.

How do I select emergency contacts on the Doro 8035?

To configure SOS emergency contacts so that you can call them quickly without unlocking your phone, go to your device settings and then on to the advanced functions in the ‘security and privacy’ section.
From here you can enter your SOS contacts.

Is the Doro 8035 waterproof?

All smartphones can handle a little bit of rain or a splash from the sink, but the Doro 8035 does not have a specific water resistance certification, so minimise contact with liquids as much as possible.

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