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Capacity: 16GB


Colour: Black

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Doro 8050 Specification

  • Capacity
  • 16GB
  • Battery
  • Up to 13 hours
  • Camera
  • 13 MP
  • Screen Size
  • 5.45" in
  • SIM Type Standard SIM
  • Internal memory 16GB
  • Cellular support 2G 3G 4G
  • Maximum Talk-time Up to 13 hours
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • GPS Yes
  • Wifi Yes
  • Weatherproofing / IP Rating Not rated
  • Operating System Android
  • Colour BLACK
  • Weight (grams) 165
  • Memory card slot MicroSD up to 128GB
  • Processor Info unavailable
  • Chipset Qualcomm QM215
  • Dimensions 152.9 x 70.8 x 9.15 mm
  • Screen resolution Info unavailable
  • Screen size 5.45"
  • Screen type AMOLED
  • Camera Megapixels 13
  • Camera Flash Info unavailable
  • Selfie Camera 5 Megapixels

Doro 8050 Deals

If you’re in pursuit of smooth-sailing technology, the Doro 8050 is the phone for you. It’s always dependable - always there.

It’s built with simplicity in mind. There’s no need to complicate things when you can have everything so easily accessible at the touch of a screen. Staying in touch with family and friends has never been so simple.

Designed with consideration for the elderly, the Doro 8050 provides amplified HD sound and an excellent visual experience on a large display, making the whole experience enjoyable, whether it’s talking to family or viewing clearer images.

Doro’s signature ‘Response’ button is featured, too, giving both you and your family members peace of mind knowing contact is only a click away.

The Doro 8050 has a great visual experience all round, from the clear screen to the high-clarity camera that features autofocus, camera flash, an in-app image viewer, and a handy magnifier function.

TopReviews is the place to be to get all this intuitive tech at the absolute best price available.

Doro 8050 Contract Offers

If you’ve been in a phone contract before, you know exactly what to expect from your deal. If not, it’s a simple concept to grasp.

Instead of buying your phone outright and topping up credit as you need it, you can make one easy monthly payment for a set period of time to pay for both your device and the airtime.

The greatest benefit of a contract is that you know exactly how much you can use your phone, which is usually almost limitless. 

The classic pay-as-you-go method can save money, but with how much we use modern smartphones, you’ll almost certainly end up paying more for data that way.

To find the best contract offer for the Doro 8050, use our price comparison tool and filter networks, prices, data allowances and more to find the best deal for you.

Doro 8050 Big Data Deals

With more connectivity features comes the greater need for mobile data. This is why the data packages network providers and retailers are offering are getting bigger and bigger, with even the ‘unlimited’ option making an appearance.

When you’re out and about with no accessible Wi-Fi connections, your phone relies on mobile data to stay connected to the internet, and send and receive messages on instant messengers.

If you don’t use your phone much outside of Wi-Fi zones, you won’t need too much data. But, if you want to use WhatsApp on the bus or while walking around shopping, you’ll a bigger data package.

Use our comparison tool to filter by however much data you think you’ll need, and always give yourself room to manoeuvre so that you don’t have to go without.

Doro 8050 Cheapest Deals

Making use of the comparison tool ensures you never pay a penny more than you need to - you’ll find the perfect deal for the absolute cheapest price available. 

You’ll notice most networks offer certain data packages for very similar prices as there is such high competition. People tend to stay loyal to their network too, so they know how important it is to get you onboard and offer you the cheapest prices to do so.

However, you should always consider the importance of how strong the network’s coverage is in your local area, as paying a little less may not mean the best value. There’s no point having a phone you can’t get a good connection on.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for any freebies and discounts that may be included as a promotion. Discounts on app subscriptions, free tech gadgets and all kinds of gifts can be used by retailers and networks to try and entice you in.

Doro 8050 Sim Free Deals

As we get used to seeing smartphones surpass the £1k mark for the device alone, it’s very refreshing to see such a smart, high tech handset sit at a very affordable £200.

If you buy the Doro 8050 outright on a sim free deal, you can give yourself the freedom of pay-as-you-go, or find yourself a great value sim only deal.

Sim free deals are also a great alternative way to upgrade early, as you can simply remove your sim card from your current device and insert it into your brand new shiny one. Then, when that contract has finished, you can get a cheap sim only deal to continue life on your new device.

Doro 8050 FAQs

What phone is the best for the elderly?

There are many phones out there that are designed with easy accessibility for the elderly, visually impaired and hard of hearing.
Doro has fantastic experience pioneering and providing these features - and with such a wide range of phone types to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

What operating system does Doro use?

Doro smartphones use Android-based operating systems, including their very own that they’ve designed for great accessibility and easy navigation. On some of their phones, you can choose between their accessibility OS and the standard Android UI.

What does ‘SIM-free’ mean?

Sim free is when you purchase a phone with no sim included, so you’re not tied to any contracts including a device plan. Then you can opt for either pay-as-you-go or a cheaper sim-only deal elsewhere.

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