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Sometimes you might want to purchase a handset but not a Sim card, and these are known and Sim Free mobile phone deals. This might be because you have fallen in love with a new handset but have not reached the end of your contract or have discovered you do not like your current phone and want something different. The range of Sim Free deals is pretty much as comprehensive as a standard mobile deal with a pay monthly contract. 

Sim Free just means you are only purchasing the handset and therefore will need to pay the full cost upfront, there is no monthly payment option offered on these phones. Again, all handsets have been comprehensively reviewed so you can be sure you have all the information needed to pick the best phone for you, and we compare and show you deals from great providers so you can find the best prices every time. 

Sim Free iPhones

Apple is one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers, and they have a massive following, just waiting for their latest release. They have stuck firmly to the model and only offer iPhones with a strict naming convention that they only deviated from once. They have high-end handsets and only one range that caters to the mid-range end of the market the SE which has been replaced by the iPhone XR. 

Their handsets are packed full of technology and have a marmite quality with users, either loving or hating the brand. Those that love Apple tech tend to stick firmly with a strong loyalty. The current flagship range, their newest offering is the iPhone 11 trio, and these will stay until, we assume the iPhone 12, is announced in September. iPhone Sim Free deals are popular and offered by many leading mobile phone retailers. 

Sim Free Oppo

Oppo is a Chinese manufacturer that is making waves in the UK market. They have a range of handsets that are considered mid to high-end and run on the Android platform. Currently, the Reno 2, Reno 5G and A9 are their flagship handsets, and they have some well thought out technology that stands them in good stead. Their handsets have been reviewed extensively by our team so you can compare them to other brands and see what you think. The fact they have 5G ready handsets makes them a serious contender for the future, and they are certainly worth a look if you are after an Android mobile. 

Sim Free Honor

Honor is owned by the Huawei Consumer Business Group, but they run as a separate entity. There are similarities between the brands, but they are not involved in the Huawei/Google disagreements and therefore have access to all the partner apps and products. By their own admission, their target market is the younger user, and they are popular with teens and college students because they offer everything needed at a lower price than some of the high-end handsets. 

They have stuck with a plastic casing in many of their offerings which makes them more robust when dropped or left in school bags that are slung on the floor. Their current flagship range is the 20 series, and they tend to offer a standard handset, a higher spec pro and a lower spec lite to appeal to a broader audience. Their most popular phones have been reviewed on the site so you can learn more about them and see if they might be the Sim Free solution for you.

Sim Free Sony Xperia

Sony is a long-standing mobile phone manufacturer that is also well known for making games consoles, televisions and other multimedia products creating a brand that has a trusted reputation. When it comes to mobiles, they have always offered a range of handsets at the high-end, mid-range and budget level, ensuring there is plenty of choice for users. 

Their flagship range is the Xperia, and this has been usurped annually by the latest model. Xperia 5 is the newest incarnation and users should not consider numerical order to be the correct ranking as they have jumped around a little when naming their phones. Sony is, as most are, Android-based and offer many great features that will appeal to a range of users, all of which are highlighted in the reviews we have provided to help you decide on the Sim Free phone for you.

Sim Free Google Pixel

Google is relatively new to the world of mobile phones but of course, are well placed to make reliable handsets that have many of their other products included. Their Pixel range is an Android-based offering, and they have done well to create a phone that sits in the mid-range and is perfect for many different users. The Google Pixel 4 and 4XL are the latest offerings and have solid cameras as well as many excellent features. If you are unfamiliar with the Google Pixel range, have a look at the reviews we have and see for yourself what they have to offer. 

Sim Free Huawei

Huawei took the market by storm a few years ago, to the point where they earned the accolade of being one of the top three mobile phone manufacturers in the world. They were first when it came to many new features, including multiple lens rear cameras which, thanks to a partnership with Leica, put their flagship handsets at the top of the photographic capability charts. There has been some controversy with their input into the 5G network, but this should not detract from the standard of mobile on offer. The Android platform is used in many different handsets, including those on offer from Huawei and their P30 series is their current flagship.

Sim Free LG

LG is a long-standing player in the mobile phone market, and they have years of experience behind them. They tend to be a quieter company that just get on with the business of making handsets and releasing them. With a solid reputation, they have a substantial following of loyal consumers who enjoy the handsets they produce. They are a mid-range designer and have a lot to offer for the money. There are many phones that could be the perfect Sim Free LG handset so have a look at the reviews and see what they are all about.

Sim Free Nokia

Nokia is perhaps one of the most iconic mobile phone providers with the 3310 and the pixel game snake being the memory of the 1990s technology scene. They have continued to hold a place in the mobile phone arena ever since and have an extensive range of handsets including a remake of their most famous creation. Some of their handsets are a bit tongue in cheek with the so nicknamed banana phone being one of them. It has proven a good marketing strategy as they continue to go from strength to strength.

Sim Free OnePlus

OnePlus is another brand that is making inroads into the European market. The company is based in China, and they have an impressive range of handsets that offer something slightly different to their competitors. Their current flagship handset is the OnePlus 7, which is a nice looking phone that runs on the Android platform. OnePlus is well placed for the future and the move to 5G as they already have some 5G enabled handsets on sale.

Sim Free Samsung Galaxy

The last of the big three, but by no means the least. Samsung has a massive range of handsets, with two flagship series and many other handsets that fall into the mid-range and budget categories, providing that they really do have something for everyone. Their biggest sellers are their Galaxy Note and Galaxy S handsets which are updated each year, and the Galaxy S20 is the latest release with the next Galaxy Note due later in the year. 

They are well known as market leaders and have a desire to be first with new technologies often registering some interesting patents keeping fans guessing what is coming next. Any of their handsets could be the perfect Sim Free choice depending on what you need the phone to be able to do. Have a look at the reviews and see for yourself how packed full of technology they really are. 

Sim Free Xiaomi

 New tech companies pop up all of the time, mainly based in China and Xiaomi is another mobile phone manufacturer that is breaking into the UK market. They have an excellent range of handsets that run on the Android platform and seem to be making good progress once people realise what they have to offer. The technology is good, and the prices are low, making them a tempting offer, so why not have a look at the range of handsets we have reviewed and see for yourselves. Mi could well be the perfect Sim Free handset for you, and they are making sure they are future proof ready with a range of 5G offerings too.