Best Honor Mobile Phone Deals

When most mobile phones are bought to market, they are intended to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Honor has made the rare and bold move of specifically targeting the younger market with its range of smartphones. This means they have been optimised for gaming, offer the perfect screens for streaming movies and have been carefully designed to withstand the less than careful owner. Inadvertently they have therefore made them an attractive prospect for many other users. Honor is owned by the parent company Huawei although the two function independently. 

They have been making quite a lot of noise in the mobile phone market over the last few years, and there are some positive similarities between the two companies. Honor has an excellent range of phones, and the pricing is quite remarkable particularly when you take into account the quality of the camera tech used, and they have AI assistance, with solid processors, making them really worth a second look 

Honor 20 Pro Deals

The Honor 20 Pro is a good looking handset that boasts an infinity screen, and the front-facing camera has been tidied into the neatest of pinhole housings and is tucked up on the top left rather than being in the middle. It is a good size 6.26 inches which is one of the most popular sizes on the market at the moment, as mention this meets the needs of users who want to stream movies or play games as well as having phone capacity in one device. The rear camera features a stunning four-lens array making this a seriously powerful piece of kit that can rival a high street camera. There are loads of deals to be had across a wide range of providers so if you fancy the Honor 20 Pro have a look and see what you can find. 

Honor 20 Deals

Part of the same range the Honor 20 is the base model with all others in the range being slightly higher or slightly lower spec. The look at feel is similar to the Honor 20 Pro, and it features the same screen design with the tiny front-facing camera, which incidentally is an impressive 32MP, and beautiful infinity display which is perfect for so many functions. It is the same 6.26-inch screen so you can enjoy watching television or playing games and yet still comfortably sits in one hand for single-handed operation. Like all their handsets it runs Android and has some really neat Honor personalisation. The rear camera has three lenses and is very capable of getting some professional-looking shots. Have a look at the range of deals we have pulled together and who knows, maybe your next handset will be the Honor 20 

Honor 20 Lite Deals

In the same range, the Honor 20 Lite is another cracking handset that will not break the bank but has plenty to offer the user. One of the things that Honor has focused on is the durability of the handset, as we have mentioned the average teen or young user may not be as careful with their phone as some people so this is a sturdy glass and plastic construction designed to cope with bumps and scrapes. It has a triple rear camera which is undoubtedly powerful and offers a tremendous photographic performance. It measures in at 6.21 inches making it slightly smaller than the others in the range but still putting it in the over 6-inch category which is the most popular at the moment. It is another all-screen offering with the 32MP front-facing camera located in a small water drop housing in the middle. There are some cracking deals to be hand when it comes to the Honor 20 Lite, and the pricing is incredible, so have a look and see what it can offer you. 

Honor View 20 Deals

Aiming squarely at the midrange market the Honor View 20 certainly gives other phones in the same category a run offer their money with the sheer amount of features it has to offer. It is another well-designed infinity screen handset and once more they have favoured placing the selfie camera up in the top left corner in a neat pinhole housing which works well. 

On the rear, there are two lenses, the primary one boasting 48MP and giving you access to some cracking pictures and quality video capture. It measures a good size 6.4 inches, so again this is going to make it popular, and the screen hardware guarantees an excellent performance whether you are using apps, making calls or going for the private cinema experience and streaming movies. It has a Kirin chipset which is favoured by both Honor and Huawei and gives plenty of processing power for heavy users. There are loads of great deals available on this 2018 handset, and you can get some great extras, and free gifts so have a look at what there is on offer. 

Honor 10 Deals

The Honor 10 comes from the generation before the Honor 20 series and offers longevity and future-proofing in a neat, good looking handset that will not break the bank. Again to create a tough shell, Honor has opted for a glass screen with a plastic back and frame making it that little bit more robust when standing up to daily life. 

The screen is another infinity design and the front-facing camera which offers 24MP is set neatly in the middle in a small waterdrop cutout which has very little impact on your viewing pleasure. It is a 6.21 screen and has a dual rear camera and a fingerprint scanner on the rear. The Kirin processor and 3400mAh battery combine well to ensure that this handset will keep up with even the most prolific users and get you through a long day out and about. There are plenty of deals to be had on this, and other Honor handsets so get browsing and see which Honor phone could be the perfect candidate for you.