Nokia 5.1 Plus Deals

Getting a new mobile phone can be really exciting but also a little daunting, there are so many different handsets on the market each promising the Earth it can be challenging to know where to start. Even the number of manufacturers has exploded over the last few years, and now there are names you have never heard of so it is refreshing to see handsets made by Nokia. From the iconic 3310 to many other massively successful handsets,

Nokia has held and retained its position in the UK market since the 90s. When you purchase a Nokia, you can be sure of quality, style, and functionality, all of which are important in a handset. They also have a reasonable price tag, and while they are not considered high-end flagship phones, the technology they bring is perfect for a wide range of uses, making them popular time after time. The Nokia 5.1 Plus is an excellent 5.86-inch screen offering and comes with a 13-megapixel camera and a variety of other features. To learn more about this handset have a look at our comprehensive review will you be able to compare it with others at a similar level.

Nokia 5.1 Plus Contract Offers

Knowing which handset you want is 1/2 of the new mobile phone puzzle the other is the contract offer that will accompany it. Network providers have also grown over the last few years, and you will find a highly competitive industry with many amazing deals to be had for customers. It is essential to find an agreement that suits your needs so that you only ever end up paying the monthly price on the screen, but you will also find a wide range of free gifts and extras to tempt you to sign with them.

There are some stunning deals out there it is just a matter of taking time to have a look through and see what best suits your needs. Generally, the first place to start is with your talk time and text allowance, and lately, providers have been offering this on an unlimited basis. When you compare this to those who still cap the service, the cost is not that different. So, it does make sense to go with the unlimited deal if at all possible as you are then in no danger of going over an allowance. With all mobile phone providers, you will have to pay call/text charges if you use premium rate phone numbers or text services as these are never covered in your allowances because they are expensive. 

Nokia 5.1 Plus Big Data Deals

Moving onto data, this is also an important area to get right. Going over a data allowance is one of the most expensive ways to rack up more charges, so purchasing enough each month is vital. The data allowance needed for each customer will vary depending on how they use their mobile phone and applies when you are on 4G/5G rather than a wireless network.

Any process that involves the Internet will use data from sending and receiving emails to GPS location services as well as streaming movies and music or using your handset as a mobile hotspot to connect another device to the Internet. Big data deals as you might expect, we are created for those customers who have an extensive data need and are designed to be affordable. Some network providers do also offer unlimited data but this does tend to be more expensive each month. A few network providers will allow you to roll over any unused data to the next month, but generally, it is taken away, and the clock starts again.

Nokia 5.1 Plus Cheapest Deals

So as you can see, there is more to getting the cheapest deal than just picking the lowest number on the screen. There is no point looking at contracts that do not have enough data allowance, for example, as you will just end up paying extra charges each month. But, there is still a massive range of deals at every level of data, so you have plenty of choices. Consider what extras are being given away and what value they add to your life, for example, you may be offered a free games console which would save you buying one, or you may be offered a subscription to a streaming service but saves you paying it independently.

This might free up a little bit more money to spend on your monthly contract. Of course, there are other ways to bring down the cost of your monthly deal; the length of your contract is important. Most contracts last for two years, if you were to shorten it to 12 months, the monthly payments would rise slightly, but if you were to extend it to 3 years, you would get preferential rates. Not every network provider offers this length of contract, so it’s worth shopping around.

Nokia 5.1 Plus Sim Free Deals

Most companies also offer a Sim free deal on all handsets, and this basically means you are just purchasing the phone with no Sim card or contract attachment. Of course, the handset doesn’t work without a Sim card so you will need to source one from somewhere else, but it is a good option for customers you prefer pay-as-you-go for example. It gives you the opportunity to own any handset you like, but you do need to pay for it upfront in one single payment which often puts people off the high-end flagships which can cost thousands.

Sometimes customers choose this option if they have broken the handset and need a replacement. It is also useful if you are midway through a contract but fancy a change of phone although it is an expensive way to do so. Of course, you will be able to take advantage of various deals, and free gifts as this is still a competitive sale and retailers want you to use them.