Nokia 7.1 Deals

Nokia has tended to keep its handsets on the smaller side, for a while we were bombarded with phablet size phones that did appeal to some users but were getting ridiculous in terms of fitting in pockets and bags. There are still many users who prefer to have a handset that measures sub 6 inches, and the Nokia 7.1 is a perfect example at 5.84 inches. It has a stunning premium look and feel with an all-glass front and back and aluminium frame.

There are two rear cameras and these features Zeiss optics which are stunning high-quality lenses from a professional photographic manufacturer. It is undoubtedly a feature-packed offering that will appeal to a wide range of uses and comes with an attractive price tag. It certainly makes picking a new phone an attractive option, and if you want to learn more about what it can do, have a look at our comprehensive review. You will also be able to use the reviews to compare more than one handset and see exactly what will best suit your needs.

Nokia 7.1 Contract Offers

Once you’ve decided on the handset, it is time to pick the best contract. This is such a competitive industry that has grown massively over the last few years that you will find a massive range of choice. While it is a little time-consuming going through them, it is a good thing, and you should be able to find a feature-packed contract that gives you everything you need and more for the price you were hoping. You will also find that many of the network providers and phone retailers offer added incentives, and these can be anything from free streaming services to games consoles, tablets and more.

Sometimes this will enable you to get a slightly more expensive contract as you will no longer have to purchase something else independently as you will be given it for free. Deals come in all shapes and sizes, and you can literally pay for very little coverage to something fully comprehensive with unlimited allowances on the important features such as talk time, texts, and data. When it comes to talk time and texts these tend to be offered on an unlimited basis and if possible this is the sort of deal you want to get. Unlimited means you are not at any risk of going over an allowance and getting extra charges. If you are really keen to bring the contract cost down you might find a more favourable rate if you limit your talk time and texts, but there really doesn’t tend to be much in it, and in the long run, it could save you a lot of money going for the unlimited option.

Nokia 7.1 Big Data Deals

The same applies to data, you can purchase a very little amount each month, or you can opt for something more substantial. It really does depend on how you plan to use your handset, and how often you are not connected to Wi-Fi. Data is the mobile equivalent of Wi-Fi, so when there is no network available, your 4G/5G kicks in and enables your handset to connect to the Internet.

There are many different Internet processes running on a handset most of the time, and these include things like location services and updating your mailbox. So most people need a level of data, and it is rare to find many contracts that do not offer any data. If you are someone who spends a lot of time connected to 4G/5G and likes to do things like stream movies, you may want to take advantage of a big data deal. This gives you a significant amount of data at a reasonable price.

Nokia 7.1 Cheapest Deals

It is therefore a false economy to just look for the cheapest deal in terms of price you can see on the screen. The cheapest deals are going to be those that do not have much allowance on data and potentially have capped talk time and texts. If this means you are simply going to be going over these allowances every month you are actually going to be paying a lot more than what you see on the screen. Extra charges are always at a higher rate because you are basically breaking your contract. This means when the bill arrives, you can be in for a bit of a nasty shock.

It is much better to pay a little more each month and get something that covers the way you use your phone, making it much less likely that you will receive extra charges. Deals can be made cheaper by taking advantage of things like cashback, where you are put on a more comprehensive package and charged less money with the cashback covering the difference. Network providers tend to like cashback deals and offer a lot of them, the only thing you need to do is be aware of whether it is an automatic cashback or whether you need to claim it yourself.

Nokia 7.1 Sim Free Deals

You will also find that handsets are offered on a Sim free deal basis, and this is the best option for some people. This means you are being sold the handset only, without a Sim card and with no tie to a monthly contract. Now obviously, this means the phone will not work until you add a Sim card from another source. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer and would prefer to stay that way rather than have a contract, this can be the way you get a new handset.

Some people who have contracts still running use this option if they are bored with their handset and want a change. Or if they have broken it and it cannot be repaired. Remember you do you have to pay the full cost of the handset upfront and in some cases, this can be several hundred pounds if not more.