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Nokia 9 PureView Deals

Nokia is perhaps one of the best-known names when it comes to mobile phones, they have been around for the duration, and no one can forget their iconic 3310 that took the market by storm in the 1990s. While they might not have such a prolific reputation now, they are still considered to be one of the best manufacturers. If you purchase a Nokia handset, you are guaranteed quality and durability with high-end technology for an all-round performance.

The Nokia 9 PureView was the flagship phone of 2019 for the company and it just over a year old it still remains a highly popular handset that is popular with a wide range of users. It features a 5.99-inch screen and has an impressive camera array on the back and a single 20-megapixel lens on the front, making this a good substitute for a High Street camera. When it comes to getting a good deal, there are certainly plenty on offer and if you would like to learn more about what this handset has in terms of functionality take a look at our comprehensive review and compare it to some others in the range before deciding what the best phone for you is.

Nokia 9 PureView Contract Offers

When it comes to securing the best pay monthly contract for you, your circumstances are taken into consideration. It is all about how you use your handset on a daily basis that determines what you need from a pay monthly deal. Generally speaking, it comes down to 3 key features, your talk time, texts and data. The more of each you need to use the higher your monthly payments will be, but there are still some incredibly good value deals to be had so it certainly might not be as expensive as you feared. Often talk time and texts are sold on an unlimited basis, meaning you are in no danger of going over your allowance and being charged extra at the end of the month.

You need to remember that calls to premium rate phone numbers are charged at the standard rate and not covered in any contract allowance, and the same applies to premium rate texts. You also need to consider the network coverage of the provider you have chosen before actually signing up. All providers have maps on their website, and you simply enter the postcode you need to check to see how strong the signal is in your area. Most people are concerned with their home, work, school, but you can put in any postcode you regularly visit to make sure you are covered.

Nokia 9 PureView Big Data Deals

Moving onto data, it is equally essential that you have enough data allowance each month; otherwise, you will receive significant charges. It can be hard to estimate the amount of data you will use, and there are some contracts that will enable you to change data midway through the deal, but a lot will fix you for the whole term of your agreement. There are some network providers that will allow you to roll over any unused data into the next month, but these are relatively few and far between most will simply reset the counter, and you will lose anything you haven’t used.

Data is used when there is no Wi-Fi connection available, and you are accessing the Internet via any process on your handset. This is not just your Internet browser; this can be things like sending and receiving emails, streaming services and many apps. So, you need to decide how often you will use your phone when you are out and about and not able to access Wi-Fi. Data ranges from very little to some big data deals that have been designed especially for people who have a high data requirement. You will also find some companies offering unlimited data, but this will cost more.

Nokia 9 PureView Cheapest Deals

So when it comes to getting the cheapest deal, you need to take all of these factors into consideration; otherwise, you will be working on a false economy. If you do not get a deal that covers your usage needs, all that happens is you spend more each month in extra charges. There are some other ways that you can bring down the cost of your monthly bill. Cashback gives you access to a more expensive deal at a lower price with cashback covering the difference.

In some cases, you will actually need to claim the cashback and failure to do so means you will not benefit from it at all. In other cases, the network provider will do it for you, and this is known as automatic cashback. You can also see if the network provider offers a varying length of contract as this can also impact the price. A standard contract tends to be two years, but if the provider will allow three, you can bring down the cost of your monthly payments as you get a more favourable rate for your loyalty.

Nokia 9 PureView Sim Free Deal

Finally, you can purchase your new handset on a Sim free basis, which means you are just buying the phone and nothing else. It does not come with a Sim card or a pay monthly contract. Of course, it, therefore, doesn’t work so you need to source a contract or Sim card from somewhere else. In some cases, this is used because customers are perfectly happy on a pay-as-you-go Sim card and would prefer not to be tied into a contract.

It does mean that you need to pay the full market value for the phone at the time of purchase there is no monthly payment option. This can put some people off as the cost can be several hundred pounds, but for other people, this is precisely what they are looking for. It is also an excellent way to get a new handset if you have broken yours and it cannot be repaired.